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First Day of P3 - Need advice!!!

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So I am n my planned interuption. I started early. Yesterday I ate some almond flour cookies with xyntanol and tried the Oopsie Rolls and then a steak for dinner.
I gained a pound yesterday so I am up to 170.6. I did about 30 days and lost 21 pounds which is not what i was hoping for but oh well, my own fault. So I have a choice to stay in P3 for 3 weeks or just get right back into P2 on Monday, and go as low as I can i have 40 more pounds to go...

So if I do P3 for 3 weeks that only gives me 23 days before the wedding and 23 more pounds possibly. So do I do that or just charge on P2 for as long as I can to get as close to my goal. July 16 is the wedding.

Any suggestions?

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    If it were me, I would go back to p2. If you do P3 for the 3 weeks u should also do p4 for 3 if it's ur r1 because u may have trouble stabilizing, if not then maybe try cycling. Most likely u won't lose a pound a day and u don't wanna stress urself out over hitting that number on a tight deadline.