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Help Day 1

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Hi my name is Lisa and I am on my 3 rd round. This time i kept off the 30 pounds unlike last time. yay. But I am doing a 23 day round and I know I messed up with my mixing injection HCG.

I had 2,000 IU and I used 10cc of Bacterial Water.

I want to inject 150 or 175 worth of solution. So where is that on the syringe?
Next time I will mix it with 6cc of Bac water, but for this time how much do i inject.

I am great at the diet but horrible at mixing solution. I swear I do it differently everytime, lol. I also never remember what i did. LOL.

I appreciate all help from anyone who can help!

So my stats are

Preload: 169
Day one: 173.6

Not hungry much today just gonna have a Prograde Protien shake with cinnamon, applecider vinegar, spinach and water.
Bought a steak for later but still am so sick of the food from the last round that, I just don't care about food.
I have been doing Paleo in between the rounds and I think that has saved me. My body loves high fat and no carbs.

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  1. Kellep's Avatar
    If your syringes hold 1cc? That is what most of them do. Then 150 would be .75 on your syringe. I would not start a dose higher then that. You don't lose more weight because your dose is higher, Most people are fine with 150 - they sometimes need to lower it even from there.
    PS- You know your will need to mix another batch right? The dose of 150 per day will last you 13 days.
  2. Kellep's Avatar
    PS- My body loves high fat and no carbs too. I love Paleo/Primal eating too. Good luck on this round - don't forget to load. You are still loading right?
  3. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Hi Kellep,

    I loaded for 2 days as much as possible. Has been great. I am not feeling hunger like I did last round. I am still so happy I kept it off. My wedding is July 28 and I have a size 10 dress to fit into. I am a size 12 right now. MY Batcheleroutte party is June 2nd. So I have to be done by then. Which is why this is a short round.

    I would love to get down to 145 this round but we will see.

    So that is perfect .75 on my syringe. Thank you so much for the info. I was dosing all craziness. LOL
    I will remix a new batch in 13 days. So i have 2,000 and I should mix that with 6 cc total.
    And inject how much, each day?

    I am glad one of us is good at math.

    Thanks for the help I super appreciate it!
  4. Kellep's Avatar
    on your next batch mix - 6.7 cc of water to give you 13 injections of 150 iu's each. Then the shot will be .5 instead of .75 ( which .75 is to much - I hate big injections. That will make it better. Good luck. I'm glad to hear you loaded okay..
    Yeah- you don't want to add to much liquid to the hcg, then you have to take to much. My injections I'm doing right now are 140 iu's and I am injecting .25 of on the syringe.
    Good luck.. You better write it down so you don't forget :-)
    PS - Congratulations on your marriage and you will definately fit in a 10 for sure, it may be to big LOL>. You will look amazing..
    Updated May 7th, 2012 at 07:49 PM by Kellep