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Oh Boy

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So this is my last HCG day before the planned interuption so I made food for tomorrow and of course I had to sample it all. Yuck, my tummy hurts and I ate too much, stuff I am not supposed to.

Oopsie Rolls - They were acually as flat as a pancake but can definatly see myself enjoying them.

Peanut butter cookies- Dense from the Almond Flour and needed more sugar - fake sugar

Mug Cakes - But I made it in the oven so I added baking soda and it was good but needed more sugar

Caulifer Pizza - Did the crust am going to make the rest tomorrow

I did have fish for lunch and am dreading the scale tomorrow.

God, I have been so good the last 2 days a bit naughty. I am looking forward to the break - I really need one. Then i can pound out the rest of the protocol. I only lost 21 pounds so far in about 30 days, so i hope i can get my act together for the last of it. God the pressure.

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