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Stalls.... Grrrr

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I have been stuck at 163 for the last 5 days, grrr.
I am getting ready to break this barrier but I am feeling like I am still losing inches and am loving the feel of my new body. 27 pounds down makes such a huge difference. So I am trying to chill out and just enjoy my new body, appreciate it. Yay me!!!

When my body is ready to release some more pounds, I will take it.

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  1. dragonfly19's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. I started out at 145 about 2 weeks ago and withing the first two days I lost 6 pounds. I was thrilled...but then I just stopped. I didn't change the diet or anything. Just stopped now for 8 days and I'm getting frustrated to the point that I almost didn't eat. Yesterday I had two small salads and a little meat (chicken) in it and I gained a pound! I drink a gallon of water a day on average and idk what's wrong?
  2. curvygirl63's Avatar
    You may not have lost on the scale but you could be losing inches. Take your measurements - you might be having an "inches lost" day. Or, your body might be at a previous weight set point and fighting to stay there. You know the program works, just keep moving forward.

    Good luck.
  3. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Yes,I am still losing inches. I do feel smaller and I think my body is fighting a set weight point, lol. Whatever it is I am gonna stay strong. 2 more weeks to go - then on to P3.