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Back from Vegas and on P2

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It hurts just writing about Vegas. LOL. It was very fun and super out of control. I did not eat much becasue i sure did drink. I have never had so much Vodka in my life.
i ate some eggs and some meat, oh and Sunday I had some leftover pizza and Sandwhiches and Mexican food. Darn it I was doing so well. Didn't weigh myself till Monday and gained about 5.5 pounds. So I do no think that is so bad, considering. I am so used to eating so few less calories, i really think it helped me not completley pig out this weekend. I also had no wine but there was always a Vodka drink in my hand.

So yesterday i cooked up a storm. I had shrimp for lunch and made a chicken soup for dinner. But i drank tea - about 3 gallons of dieters, green tea, detox tea, red clover, Oolong, and a lot of water too. I think that helped me bring my weight down from 174 to... 170 this morning. I lost 4 pounds, yay! I also feel my body is on track with the weight loss. I am happy with that and now the second part of the cycle begins.

The game is how much can i lose before July 16 or to my goal of 130?
We will see if 40 pounds is possible... And welcome all of you newbies just staring P2- You can do it!

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  1. ktrinaC's Avatar
    Wow! I will be going to vegas next month and planned it to be right at the start of p3 for me. I too, am a lover of Vodka and I cant wait to drink it until I cant see straight! Hopefully I will keep the diet under control but I appreciate your idea of the tea and a detox when you get back... makes sense.
    Wish me luck!