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  1. Why I Try

    My motivation, grandchildren.... they are the best! Newest one arrived last week.

    Attachment 8315Attachment 8316Attachment 8317Attachment 8318Attachment 8319
  2. Progress Photo's

    I have avoided camera's like the plague for about ten years or so. But I found one from May 2010, which will be my before; and then one a year later less 30 lbs, which is about half way to goal. So here they are:

    Before, about 208 lbs (thank goodness the grandkids are so cute otherwise this picture would have been destroyed!)
    Attachment 6213

    After 30 lbs, about halfway to goal
    Attachment 6214

    Sorry, no full body ...
  3. Third times a charm

    Today is Round 3, VLCD1 and I feel really good about it. My head is firmly in the game. Done messing around, trying this and that. I know what works for me, what I need to do, so here I go.

    Of course, I will be a rogue, because I will mix my veggies. Must. Plus, I've decided I can add in small amounts of non-protocol veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and zuccini. My daily hard boiled egg for breakfast will also not change. A simple egg, almost a perfect food, it' fast, simple ...
  4. Fruit... don't leave home without it.

    I've been on the fence about whether or not a good low carb diet can or should include fruit. Fruit has a lot of carbs, in the form of fructose, and there's so much literature on the dangers of fructose, especially the high corn syrup variety which is added to so many foods today. AND HFCS is bad, very bad. But, it's not added to the "natural" way that fructose is found, in a whole piece of fruit. Bound up in the healthy fibers, that fructose delivers sweetness without all the bad side ...
  5. Oh SNAP

    I'm still calling this SNAP, I like the sound of it! The parameters I'm working within are:
    1) eat 700-800 calories per day, at a ratio of FAT/PRO/CARB less than or up to 50/60/30.
    2) eat no carbs before noon or after 6 pm
    3) exercise 2 to 3 days per week, with a focus on strength building
    4) take skip day weekly, do not weight the day after a skip day
    5) eat meals slowly, with reverence (no mindless eating!)

    Day 1
    Weight = 183.0