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Fruit... don't leave home without it.

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I've been on the fence about whether or not a good low carb diet can or should include fruit. Fruit has a lot of carbs, in the form of fructose, and there's so much literature on the dangers of fructose, especially the high corn syrup variety which is added to so many foods today. AND HFCS is bad, very bad. But, it's not added to the "natural" way that fructose is found, in a whole piece of fruit. Bound up in the healthy fibers, that fructose delivers sweetness without all the bad side effects.

Yeah, it will raise your blood glucose numbers, which will trigger an isulin reaction. But, that is what is supposed to happen in a healthy body! For those of us with insulin resistance, which is nearly everyone who has hit the "obese" mark on the scale, then you probably do want to minimize the insulin spike which is easy enough to do by combining the fruit with some fat or protien.

So, here's a link to a real medical study on the effects of fructose using two groups of dieters. One group was kept at 20 gr or less per day (no restriction on type of fructose), the other group was allowed more 50-70 gr per day but only natural fructose allowed. Guess which group did far better? If you guessed the natural fructose group, you're a winner! Guess which diet has about 50 gr per day? if you guessed Hcg P2, = BINGO!

So, they moral of this story is eat your fruit (but not too much). 1 to 2 servings of REAL fruit per day is good for you!


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