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I'm still calling this SNAP, I like the sound of it! The parameters I'm working within are:
1) eat 700-800 calories per day, at a ratio of FAT/PRO/CARB less than or up to 50/60/30.
2) eat no carbs before noon or after 6 pm
3) exercise 2 to 3 days per week, with a focus on strength building
4) take skip day weekly, do not weight the day after a skip day
5) eat meals slowly, with reverence (no mindless eating!)

Day 1
Weight = 183.0
Calories = 805
F/P/C = 60/48/25
Exercise = none

Day 2
Weight = 182.4
Calories = 655
F/P/C = 47/76/29
Exercise = Arm, 5 sets of 25. Legs, 3 sets of 20

Day 3 - Skip Day, out of town
Weight =
Calories = 1200+
F/P/C =
Exercise = walking & bike ride

Day 4
Weight = 181.6
Calories = 720
F/P/C = 49/65/26
Exercise = none

Day 5 - oops, had a blow out tonight. Ate a bowl of cereal, a cup of yogurt, and some tortilla chips NOT ON PLAN
Weight = 181.0
Calories = 1500+
F/P/C = 80/90/90 ?/?/? just guessing, since I blew it
Exercise = none

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  1. LisaAPB's Avatar
    Day 6
    Did not weigh due to yesterdays blow out.
    Calories = 1250 -obvious off plan, again!
    F/P/C = 84/71/50
    Exercise = does sanding & painting count?
  2. ReleaseLBS's Avatar
    Hi Lisa,
    Interesting that you are consistantly keeping your protein grams higher than your fat grams. I also started this OD recently after reading through all of SF blogs and the experiment feedback. I have to say I was completely intrigued. It is working for me as well...I am in the process of doing some fine tuning to find the best ratios for me. I think there is a lot more than just fluff about this type of lifestyle. Sadly, there are a lot of nay sayers because it goes against what they "believe"....too bad such closed minds. I mean really HCG and VLCD goes against what most people believe as well, but yet somehow OD is widely rideculed on this website. Won't stop or hinder me or my progress...Good luck to you :-)
  3. Sabina's Avatar
    Lisa, I do remember that SF told one of her experimenters to not ever go above their protein ratio or 25g carb ratio, but that the fat ratio was more flexible. You are losing really nicely though.

    Release, the protein ratio is usually higher than the fat ratio for most people, unless your really small (short).
  4. ReleaseLBS's Avatar
    Oh geez! I thought the OD ratio was 1gram protein, 2.5 grams fat, .8 grams carbs. I thought I found that on an OD website. Or atleast that is how i wrote it down...thanks for letting me know :-) I may have been getting too much fat for the past few days as my fat has been higher than protein intake.
  5. ReleaseLBS's Avatar
    Hey Sabina...today I am low on my protein grams (that is shocking as I usually am working hard to keep it down)...do you think that will hinder loss (my fat and carbs are ok, but protein is a little low).
  6. Sabina's Avatar
    I'm sure your ratios are right for the Optimal Diet, but the one SugarFree came up with has different ratios and are supposed to result in larger losses. Since she won't disclose how to come up with the protein ratio, we kind of have to guess by what the participants were consuming daily, and that was between 50-60g a day. She did specifiy that fat was 50g and carbs were 25g. So I figured the protein is probably a little less than what the standard OD diet states. When I follow this plan, I try to keep mine under 60g.

    I think you are OK with less protein, it's the fat that needs to be kept up.
  7. LisaAPB's Avatar
    Day??? Would have been 12?
    Weight: 182.4
    Have been out of town for almost a week. No scale, no diet. I pretty much ate what I wanted, and then some, even potato, yogurt & ice cream. I have discovered that causes a major headache and intense gut issues. Or maybe that's the probiotics and digestive enzymes I started taking? Regardless, I don't want to feel like that again. I'll drop the probiotics and enzymes for a few days, and eat clean.
  8. ReleaseLBS's Avatar
    I am just curious why you think probiotics and enzymes would create intense gut issues? They are intended for just the opposite of that. I too have the same response (gut issues and immediate headache) when I eat ice cream. My body tells me right away that it dislikes ice cream....I have often thought it strange to have such a fast reaction to eating ice cream - within minutes. Over the years I decided I would just let go of having any ice cream. I really don't miss it or the gut problems from it at all :-)
  9. LisaAPB's Avatar
    I was thinking that because the week I started the probiotics & enzymes was a gut bomb week. But, I also ate some bread, rice and yogurt that week... so it's hard to pin down exactly which one did it. I will probably add back some probiotics, then maybe later some enzymes. Go slow and see what does what.
  10. Sabina's Avatar
    My body tells me right away that it dislikes ice cream....I have often thought it strange to have such a fast reaction to eating ice cream - within minutes. Over the years I decided I would just let go of having any ice cream.

    I miss my ice-cream. It was my favorite comfort food. Mint chocolate chip on a hot summer day.