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Third times a charm

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Today is Round 3, VLCD1 and I feel really good about it. My head is firmly in the game. Done messing around, trying this and that. I know what works for me, what I need to do, so here I go.

Of course, I will be a rogue, because I will mix my veggies. Must. Plus, I've decided I can add in small amounts of non-protocol veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and zuccini. My daily hard boiled egg for breakfast will also not change. A simple egg, almost a perfect food, it' fast, simple and nutritious. I can do that.

The other off protocol thing I am allowing is an afternoon coffee or tea with a splash of heavy cream, a few drops of stevia, and a shake of cinnamon. I've grown fond of these little treats and I think they will help me get through until dinner.

I'm going to exercise, but nothng real strenious or extreme. Just enough movement and lifting/pushing/pulling of heavy stuff to remind my suscles that they need to stay in the game too. Of course, anything I can do that is fun, like swim, dance, hike, or ride my bike is also thrown in the mix. If I need an extra ounce of protein to handle it, then so be it. I plan on enjoying myself!

My first round was done in the winter months, and I didn't go anywhere except work & home. My second round was in the spring, and I got sidetracked. It was pretty much a bust. This third round, I'm on track and relaxed because I know what t expect. Let the losing commence!

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  1. LisaAPB's Avatar
    R3P2 VLCD2,
    - 1 lb which is really odd because I turned yesterday into a load day since company showed up with goodies. I wasn't going to do a load because I'd been eating liberally, but once I strayed yesterday I changed my mind.

    Today's meals:
    Breakfast: Hard boiled egg, coffee
    Lunch: Creole cabbage & talapia, made with a bit of minced onion and chopped tomato. Very yummy. I usually make it with shrimp, but the tilapia was good too! Also, iced tea with lemon.
    Snack: Dutch coffee with cream, 1/2 apple
    Dinner: Green salad with grilled chicken, 1/2 apple sliced

    Exercise: Focus on thigh & butt: 50 squats, 25 one legged squats each leg, 50 kicks each leg, 100 step ups OR mow the yard, shovel tons of dirt and sand, run at the park with grandson... uhm... tough choice ;-)

    Today I felt great! So energized. No hunger except briefly around 10 a.m. so I ate my egg. I got a feeling this is going to be a great round!
    Updated June 6th, 2011 at 08:48 PM by LisaAPB
  2. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -1.8 WooHoo!
    Yesterday was great and it showed today on the scales. Apparently my tweak to the protocol is going to work fine for me. Glad to know I have some wiggle room, and if by change I go into a stall, I've got something to cut.

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: Hard boiled egg, coffee
    Lunch: Mixed salad with grilled chicken slices
    Snack: 1/2 apple with 1 slice sharp cheddar cheese, tea
    Dinner: Beef, not sure what I'll do with it yet.
    Exercise: none, taking a day off, yesterday was high intensity yard work so I need a break.
  3. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -1.4 Yes! Can I get an Amen!
    I was really not sure I'd see any kind of a loss this morning because yesterday got crazy. An afternoon meeting I went to went over, so my whole schedule was kaput. Then I had to travel 2 hours t my son's house and spend the night so I could bring the 2 year old grandson home with me for a few days. I hate it when my normal routine & schedule are thrown off! I ended up eating an open face roast beef sandwich with some lettuce on top, as I was running out the door between commitments.

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: not planned, pulled over to Starbucks to avoid the major traffic jam. Ended up eating a serving of roasted almonds. Ugh. They were delicious, but I hope they don't make me stall out.
    Lunch: green salad w/chipolte chicken stirfry, 1/2 apple
    Snack: 1/2 apple, tea with cream and english toffee stevia
    Dinner: Tilapia or beef, on the grill & steamed asparagus.
    Exercise: Walk/run in the park with 2 year old... just for fun. He and his parents are moving to Colorado at the end of summer, so I'm going to cherish every minute I have with him. My <3
  4. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -.8 oh yeah
    not too bad considering I ate my grandson's cheeseburger last night when he didn't eat his dinner AND had extra strawberries + a couple bites of watermelon. I've really got to get past this idea that it's wrong to throw out food.

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg, coffee
    lunch: green salad with grilled chicken strips, tea
    snack: 1/2 apple, tea with cream & english toffee stevia
    dinner: tilapia or beef, steamed asparagus (did not get this yesterday after all)
    Exercise: arms & shoulders resistance using 5 lb weights, plus hefting around a 30 lb two year old is working it!
  5. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -1.2 *shocked* I ate over 800 calories yesterday, but I was very active and needed a bit extra. Guess it worked for me!

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: hard boild egg, coffee
    lunch: green salad with tuna or salmon, tea
    snack: apple, coffee drink
    dinner: this one will be a challenge! Going to college graduation ceremony that will last hours and then to dinner afterwards. No plan for this yet, except to eat grilled protein & veg of whatever is on the menu.
  6. ReleaseLBS's Avatar
    Awesome! I have been thinking about mixing a round of HCG and of course I will be rogue similar to you except probably no fruit and more consistently the 700-800 calorie range...I want to see if I lose quicker with the HCG and a modified OD approach than with just the modified OD. I plan to test it for a short round of hcg. Reading your blogs has helped me make the decision to definitely take the experiment on. Congrats! Nice losses - over 6lbs in 4 days!!
  7. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -.2 Yesterdays frenzied rush, rush, rush of a day was almost a total fail. It's a wonder I didn't gain weight! Hardly any good sleep, had a Blazing Onion cheeseburger for dinner (gluten free buns, oh yeah!), a couple handfuls of almonds, and 2 apples. So, a -.2 loss is wonderful under the circumstances.
    Today's plan:
    Breakfast/Lunch: out to eat again with family. Greek restaurant, had moussaka and Greek salad. Totally not on plan, but this is life!
    Dinner: grilled tilapia, steamed asparagus
    Snack: apple
    Exercise: not today, just too much going on. I need a nap!
    Next week I am out of town on Tuesday and Saturday... I am going to try and stick to a plan for Tuesday. But next Saturday I will be at another graduation party, so I'll indulge just a wee bit. I find that I have a harder time sticking to anything if I am out of my element.
  8. LisaAPB's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ReleaseLBS
    Awesome! I have been thinking about mixing a round of HCG and of course I will be rogue similar to you except probably no fruit and more consistently the 700-800 calorie range...I want to see if I lose quicker with the HCG and a modified OD approach than with just the modified OD. I plan to test it for a short round of hcg. Reading your blogs has helped me make the decision to definitely take the experiment on. Congrats! Nice losses - over 6lbs in 4 days!!
    I know, I am actually surprised how well this is working. I was prepared for maybe 2-3 lbs a week at most, but this is great. I feel like I could eat this way forever, with the occasional treat night of course.
  9. LisaAPB's Avatar
    +1.4 oops, yesterday was a bust. These last two days of eating in restaurants was bound to catch up with me (1500+ kcals), plus last night I could not turn the hungry monster off. I am so glad to have a few days at home to get back onto plan!
    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg
    Lunch: green salad with taco meat
    Snack: 1/2 apple, ice tea with lemon
    Dinner: grill tilapia (did not eat it last night), steamed asparagus
    Exercise: Legs & butt, one legged squats, two legged squats, etc...
  10. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -.6 trending downward again. Good. Except I did make some cocoa crack last night, and ate half of it. Just needed something. Today, back to plan!
    Today's Plan:
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg, coffee
    Lunch: taco salad
    Snack: apple, tea w/cream & english toffee stevia
    Dinner: salad with flaked salmon & chopped egg, brussel sprouts
    No exercise for a few days, trying to recover from lifting my 2 year old grandson around and sanding & painting in my bungalow project, going up and down ladder all day yesterday. My knees and shoulders are screaming at me today. Probably the restaurant food too is causing some inflamation. Just another reason to make sure my diet is clean this week.
  11. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -1.6 Woot Woot! And can you believe I ate some cocoa crack last night?!
    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg, coffee
    Lunch: green salad with cukes, tomato & sliced chicken, Bleu Cheese dressing
    Snack: grapefruit, tea with english toffee stevia & cream
    Dinner: garlic-creole stir fried cod with cabbage & onion
    Exercise: no plan. I may be painting walls, which will stress my already sore shoulders. I hate to paint! But the bungalow project is coming along nicely and I want to get moved in next month.
  12. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -0 well, this was bound to happen sooner or later, but I'm still happy because at least it wasn't a gain. All in all, this round has been very good feeling. There is no hunger at all, except in a good way. I'm much more relaxed than I was in the 1st and 2nd round, have settled into a routine that feels comfortable as a way of eating that I can live with. Since I was on the road today, I could post in the morning so today I am not post my plan for the day, instead, we have:
    Today's results:
    Breakfast: coffee with cream
    Lunch: apple, cheese, turkey stick, water
    Snack: apple, coffee with cream
    Dinner: salad greens with taco meat
    water, water and more water

    No exercise today, spent much of it on the road, and then working in the bungalow. We are getting ready to paint, so I was masking eveything off. Next week the floors go in and I am so excited to see it with real floors!
  13. LisaAPB's Avatar
    Day 11 = FAIL
    VLCD12 = Back on track

    So yesterday started off great, had the day all planned out in my head. DH took the day off because we were making a big push in the bungalow project to get the primer on the walls before the floors go in on Monday. So, that was what was on the agenda. Holy smokes... by the end of the day, I was one hurtin' girl. Every muscle in my body was screaming at me, my eyes were red rimmed and burning from paint fumes, my lungs felt like I could hack up an alien. We started at 7:30 a.m. and was not until 4:30 that I was in the shower cleaning up. I'd eaten nothing but an apple, taste of leftover tilapia, and a half gallon of iced tea. But I was too tired to make dinner, and we needed to go pick up the flooring, so we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. I was like a zombie at this point, and frankly didn't care what I ate. I just needed to get sustenance and sleep. So I ate, and ate, and ate. I ate chips & salsa, fish taco, black beans, salad, a brownie and a slice of cheesecake. Then I slept for 10 hours straight.

    I was afraid to face the scale. But I made a commitment this round to weigh in every morning, and to blog this entire journey, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. In a way, I was relieved that it was only 1.2 lbs up. I expected more. The next few days will be crucial. Tomorrow I have a graduation/going away party to go to at my sister's house but I think I'll be OK there. It's potluck so I should be able to have at least one thing safe to eat. Plus, I will bring my trusty apple.

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: skip food, just coffee
    Lunch: taco salad
    Dinner: broiled beef patty with tomato, lettuce, dill pickle, mustard = my version of a "burger")
    Snack: 12 almonds
    Exercise: ha! I'm too sore from the painting experience to even think of it.
    Updated June 18th, 2011 at 10:23 AM by LisaAPB
  14. LisaAPB's Avatar
    -0.4 I'll take it.

    so good to be back on track. Today I am going to a graduation party for my niece, and I know how these family things go. It's all about food. Thankfully, it's a potluck. I am bringing a huge green salad & strawberries, so I should be able to eat. The trick is not to eat any of the goodies that are bound to be there. I know there will be cake, cookie, chips and dip. I will have to avoid the food table. If it gets too hard, I'm just cutting out of there early.

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg, coffee
    Lunch: salad with sliced (chicken/beef)
    Snack: strawberries
    Dinner: asparagus & tilapia
    Exercise: not today, already have enough going on and I still have really sore shoulder(s). ugh, I probably pulled something.
  15. LisaAPB's Avatar
    R3P2 Day 14
    +1 Dang it. I blew it at the party yesterday. Ate cheesecake, chocolate cake, cheese & crackers. This week I really need to focus on staying on track! This gaining and losing the same 2 lbs is gettin' old. Be like Nike and Just Do It!

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: skip, just coffee
    Lunch: salad with grilled chicken
    Snack: strawberries
    Dinner: tilapia & asparagus. edited later: swap asparagus for cabbage. darn asparagus went bad. icky

    Updated June 19th, 2011 at 06:16 PM by LisaAPB
  16. LisaAPB's Avatar
    R3P2 VLCD15 & 16
    Day 15, whew, very busy day with the 1 yr old and 5 yr old grandkids, didn't have a chance to post to the blog. I think I even forgot to weigh in! Regardless, I weighed in on day 16 and was down a pound so whatever I did yesterday was OK... although, I know I ate some almonds and 1/2 of the 5 yr olds cheeseburger. Why can I not just throw food in the garbage? Or better question, why do I act as if my own gullet is a garbage can for leftovers or remnants that others don't want. Note to self: work on that issue!

    Day 16, it's halfway through the day before I have had the chance to jump on the computer. Got the 1 yr old down for a nap, and the 5 yr old is on the patio playing in the sprinkler. A moment of rest! We went to a park/nature preserve this morning, hiked to and fro, visited each of the three playgrounds, ate a picnic lunch. I stopped myself from finishing off the half a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, so making progress there but I didn't feel like I was wasting it because some squirrels and birds were there ready to eat it up.
    My half assed plan for today:
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg
    Lunch: apple, cold baked chicken, celery & red pepper sticks
    Snack: 10 almonds
    Dinner: shrimp/onion/pepper stir fry with chipotle seasoning over shredded iceburg lettuce
  17. LisaAPB's Avatar
    +1.4 oh brother! Why do I keep sabotaging myself! I could not get that peanut butter & jelly sandwich out of my head, so at 10 pm I broke down and had one. I sould have just gone to bed. On top of that, I stayed up until 2 am and got up at 7 so only got 5 hours of sleep. That is not good for weight loss.

    Today's plan: skipping my hCG dose. I need to mix a fresh batch, and unless I can keep my head into it, I may just cycle out for a week. Need to think on this.
    Breakfast: hard boiled egg
    Lunch: Green Salad with chicken & bleu cheese dressing
    Snack: apple
    Dinner: steak & steamed asparagus
  18. ReleaseLBS's Avatar
    Just my two cents worth...the idea that you can't get the PB & J out of you mind. I think that is likely the body craving fat (peanut butter) or craving sugar (if you are eating the fruit on protocol without fat to slow the insulin spike) or possibly both. If one eats ample fat, most other cravings go away.
  19. LisaAPB's Avatar
    Release, I am eating fats, more so than the strict protocol calls for. The day of the peanut butter and jelly attack, I'd done a lot of hiking around, and it was hot. Maybe I just needed the extra calories, and chicken was not going to cut it!

    Today is R3P2VLCD18
    -1.2 Woah, that is unbelievable. Seriously. Yesterday I was so discouraged I said heck with it, and went to 5 Brothers Burgers with DH for dinner. I'd never been there before. I had a 10 french fries and a cheeseburger with the works. I did not know that their burger have 2 patties! OMG, it was very good. 16 hours later and I'm still not hungry. Next time I'll get the little burger, I'm thinking maybe that is only one patty? And for afternoon snack, I had 1/2 banana with a spoonful of peanut butter spread on it. yum. cannot believe I didn't go up in weight. I must have needed the extra carbs. I also had a spoonful of coconut oil mid morning, just because. hmmmmm.

    No hCG again today. I'm not mixing it until I can commit to at least 2 weeks, so I'm cycling out into P3. It will be a SNAPish P3!

    Today's plan:
    Breakfast: skip, just not hungry
    Lunch: Omelet with cheese, mushroom, onion,peppers & ham bits
    Snack: coffee or tea with heavy cream and english toffee stevia.
    Dinner: steak & green salad w/bleu cheese dressing and sliced tomatoes
    Dessert if hungry: apple with cheddar cheese slice
  20. ReleaseLBS's Avatar
    Lisa, sorry if you took my comment the wrong way. I didn't mean to step on your toes...I just think that cravings (from a biochemical standpoint) mean more than "I like that food".
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