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New kid in town

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Im new to this. I start HCG injections tomorrow(just in from India) simeon says 125IU-but I think Im gonna do 175 IU-any ideas? IM SOOOO ready.... Quit smoking 3 months ago my food addiction has ovetaken everything. DoI take measurements after the 2 day binge? I need you all-cause I absolutely know this is gonna be like really hard

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  1. stephanie_371's Avatar
    I think it is cool to do the measurements after loading, it'll make it that much better when you start losing. My provider told me to start with 200 IU. Don't know if that is right, but I followed her suggestion. I heard 175 is a pretty good jump off point though. And, it might be hard, but it is only temporary and worth it 100%. Keep your head right, and you will do great.