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It's been a week and WOW I've learned so much about myself

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Hello HCG-ers!

I'd like to start writing weekly blogs and get in tune with how the weight loss is effecting my every day! I think the more I understand and realize I LOVE being lighter.... the easier it makes my diet!

So it's been a week and I'm down 10.5 pounds! This morning, I was so proud of myself I mowed my lawn in a "sports bra tank" and shorts. I would not have been caught dead in that last week! I didn't feel bloated, I felt proud! I didn't feel hung over (from a Friday night binge with friends) I felt rejuvenated! My mind is clear and I can honestly say WHAT in the hell was I waiting on?! Losing weight is so much more than counting calories and exercising. You really need to focus on your body and how it responds to how you're treating it. The older I get, the more I worship my body and it's not worth damaging! I'm not 21 anymore - and in fact, I'd have to say those years put me where I am today and I probably would have adjusted a few things! A FEW things! ;-)

I LOVE NOT EATING TOO MUCH! I never thought I'd say that! I feel accomplished at the end of the day and in the morning I am actually excited to get on the scale and see what happens! I think it's really important for people to realize this diet means putting yourself FIRST. Its always been very difficult for me to say NO and through this journey I'm realizing it's very enlightening to say no! That may sound ridiculous, but I am extremely social and I think it's the expected role I have taken on with my friends... the planner! Our nights always started with DINNER... the dreaded DINNER! This weekend - I suggested live music in the park and we are all meeting at 8PM. I know I can have an awesome Saturday night with everyone and have my eating under control. This is important to me. I do not need to share I am doing the HCG diet.... I just simply say "it's time I watch it" if anyone asks and laugh it off.
I have also designated myself as the driver tonight! We usually draw straws.... and I am really lucky! LOL so I just volunteered!
It is super important I learn to manage my friendships and eating. I love being skinny and I love my friends... there is no reason I can't have both!! Right?!

Does anyone else experience these social pressures? Perhaps a friend that actually likes for you to be over-weight.... won't admit it, but you know by their actions and their ordering of the fatty appetizer... they like you fatter?! Am I nuts?!

It's quite the steam of consciousness today! I apologize if you're not following!

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  1. Wanna Be Thin's Avatar
    Hi Littlebear,
    I totally know what you're talking about! My friends are all fit and they don't worry about their weight so when we get together all we do is eat! We even talk/plan what to eat next time we meet. They say that i look fine & don't need to diet but I know I need to. I just started HCG drop, R1 Vlcd2 and have been doing very well so far. I'm hungry & feel tempted to cheat but I review these blogs & find motivation. Btw, I haven't told anyone I'm on this HCG diet.

    The dilemma I'm facing is this Labor Day weekend. We're going away to cabin for the wknd & we're taking TONS of food & liquor there. I plan on taking my own "healthy" food but I KNOW they're going to pressure me to eat all those fatty food & quit my diet. I can't get out of this trip since we planned this awhile back before I even heard about HCG diet. Any suggestion on how I should effectively handle this situation? I'm going to be sooooo tempted to eat all the junk. Help!!!