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Day 18

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finally some movement! 133.4...I have been stuck at 133.8 for days now! I went out and bought some decaffinated green tea, yerba mate (plain and the chocolate), and some dandelion root tea (but it is roasted...is that bad?). Last night I tried the green tea, plain yerba, and dandelion "triple threat" and plan on repeating it again tonight. It deffinitly gave me a boost of enegery and had I not already been so tired I would have had problems sleeping for sure! It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would..especially after adding some clear liquid stevia. That really helped with the weird after taste that hits, I think from the dandelion. I also went and bought two new pairs of work pants last night. They are size 7. I always buy the same pants for work because I know they are comfortable and fit my body correctly...but the last time I purchased them I had to buy 11's. 7 is more more acceptable to me. I could actually get size 5's on but they hugged me too much to wear to work. Hopefully the 7s will get me by until I can get a size 3 there..but if I have to end up buying a 5 I will deal with that also. I really was looking incredibly sloppy in my 11's! I had them bunched up under my belt. Luckily I got my pants on a great sale for under $16 each normally I pay 20 because I watch for the sale...non sale price for them is $40. The sale prices make it more bearable that hopefully they will not fit very long ;-)

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