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so, I decided to cut my round short for various reasons and today is day 3 of phase 3 and I am down to 128! I don't understand why, but I am not complaining at all! I know I should expect part of it to come back on since my LDW was 131...but right now I am basking in the glory of the 120s=-)

yesterday I ate about 900 calories and today I will probably end up around 1100 to 1200. Some items on todays menu include carb balance fajitas with beef and ranch dressing (yes I know the tortillas aren't "accepted" but I've heard some do okay with them from time to time and I'm tired of just plain protein and don't want to look at lettuce or cabbage for a while!), colby jack cheese, an apple, asparagus, and a small serving of cottage cheese.

I will also be doing Jillian Michaels yoga DVD level 1. I figure it is a good starting point for exercise for the next week or so I did it this weekend and did fine with it my arms were just a touch sore yesterday they are my weakest link.

Yesterday I really enjoyed some homemade guacomole with just one avacado, lemon juice, sea salt, and a tiny bit of fresh ground pepper. I ate it plain and with a couple of bites of my steak at lunch yesterday. I have another avacoda to do something with...and I am thinking about avacado chocolate pudding..it sounds interesting and is p3 friendly=-)

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  1. Forgiven's Avatar
    Ooh. Let me know how the avocado chocolate pudding is. I love avocado and am so excited that it is a good P3 food! I'll be joining you on P3 in a little less than two weeks! When's your friend's wedding? I saw that she's doing this diet too, how was her losses? I'll be watching to see how you do on P3. Let us know your favorite meals and how the tortillas work with you. Oh, and congrats on getting into the 120's! My overall goal is 125, so I'm jealous!

  2. jodsterjag's Avatar
    Great Job!!! How long did you do phase 2,what was your total loss??
  3. littlefirefly's Avatar
    Angie, she had amazing losses...I think about 20lbs in 25 days! Her wedding is the end of May...not far away at all! I will report back hopefully tomorrow on the carb balance tortillas. I really hope that they work out to have from time to time..I love making wraps.

    Jodster, I did 25 days, this round I didn't do all that well weight wise. I started preload at 140 ballooned to 147 from loading and TOM (water retention big time) and today, day 3 of p3 I dropped to 128. I have changed a lot physically though I tried this one time at the first of the year and started at a size 11 and I am now buying size 7s in the exact same pants and even got to buy a size 5 pair of shorts! One of my worst trouble spots is my love handle area and it is now almost non-existant..now if my thighs would just catch up...lol.
  4. littlefirefly's Avatar
    thanks julie! also I was off on my days...I did 27 of vlcd