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quick update

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I have been pretty stable at 130-131.6 no matter what I eat...today I am up to 132 from a really off day....moved a friend into an apartment on the third floor and went out for chinese after.

Eating clean today since I am still technically within my 2lb range with my last dose weight being 131.6.

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  1. Forgiven's Avatar
    Chinese food has lots of salt. I hope that's all it is. Let us know how you do. I've taken my last drops, now just waiting to start P3! Have any little secrets to share?

  2. littlefirefly's Avatar
    no real secrets....I do recommend staying away from fruits for a couple of days or limiting them to apples at first the extra sugar in things like oranges seem to make me crave more bad things. Just dont be afraid of your protein!

    trying a steak day today because for the first time I am above my last dose weight (hoping it is water retention and my sluggish digestive system, steak day and smooth move for me tonight!)