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In the Beginning there was Energy

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Hello.... Jumpin in here because it's time for some camaraderie and support
I loaded on 15th and 16th... so this is my VLCD4... I gained a little over 4lbs during load and have since lost 7 so I'm 3 lbs below my pre-loading weight (yay!)
I'll be ecstatic when I break through the 175 plateau (I'm 177 today).... 9 months with a personal trainer, etc.. couldn't break the 175 mark... but I KNOW it's just another label that is being peeled away, revealing Moi!... I get into the physics (and metaphysics) behind life. For me, fat is stored energy (literally) and it is stagnant, not moving... but ready to move, ya know? Moving the fat works hand in hand with removing "blocks"... negative thinking, internal conflict, etc..
Hmmm.... I'm really looking forward to cleanin out the ole closet... there is some definite stagnation in there! And I think it will give me a boost.

I'm missing my coffee (lacking a creamer is holding me up)... AND as I was shopping for teas, I discovered a Sassafras Tea concentrate (no carbs, no sugar, no fat) on the shelf that has made for a delightful soft drink when added to seltzer and a truvia packet. That's been refreshing.

I've felt absolutely awesome until this AM... very clear headed (releasing stagnation in the neuro-pathways I guess), high energy feeling, positive.

Today I'm stiff - I would like a massage, or some acupuncture. Does anyone know why the massage is off limits?

Looking forward to sharing with all of you as we blast through whatever we need to and reach our goals!

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  1. nsbrown76's Avatar
    You can have massages, just not deep tissue massage. And make sure that they do not use oils. The can use cornstarch or nothing at all.

    You are gonna pass that 175 easy. Happy losing.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    I think u have very good, positive energy--least ways in your blog. Enjoyed reading it. I luved weighing each morning on p2, would usually be the last thing I thought about before drifting off to sleep, and hopped up to do first thing in a.m. U've got that to look forward to--day 4? And breaking 175? U are so there! I'm sure! Keep it up, especially that positive attitude. Sorry I don't know anything about massages, except body oils/lotions with oil are not
    p2 approved. Take a really warm, even detox bath maybe, for stiffness and soreness?
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Well, I responded once to your blog, and I'm not sure where it went, so here it goes (hopefully) it won't show up as duplicate. I was just saying you're only on day 4? At 177, and u want to break 175? Honey, u are so there! That mini-goal should not be long in happening. At this stage of protocol that scale moves pretty swifty, at least for most of us. Enjoy your morning weigh-ins. They were what I thought about last before drifting off at night, and were what I hopped out of bed for in the a.m. Unlike other diets, when I dreaded weighing in! Sorry, don't know about massages, but do know like ns. said oils/or body lotions with oil are no-nos on p2. How about trying a hot bath, maybe even a detox bath, with Epsom Salt, and baking soda, for the soreness? Might even promote some weight loss?