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Hmmmm CRAVINGS mmmm

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When the cravings come I vow to remember what I crave the most:

Drum roll please... and to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, "Glory, Glory Hallelujah"

I Crave control over my body! running, jumping, feeling good naked - heck running and jumping naked <grin>...
I crave to be able to wear what I want when I want, without worries over a muffin top or a muffin back (the bra-squished under arm thinggy)...
I crave energy and health...
I crave freedom and strength
.... I crave the "I told you so"'s I will give to doubting/flippant mother.
.... I crave uplifting a friend with the possibility of their own freedom - with the cure for their dis-ease.
I crave freedom from being labeled as someone who struggles with weight problems - and always will.
I crave seeing my muscles for a change - god knows I've worked out hard enough to get them... and it just ain't fair for them to be hidden under a layer of fat, ya know? I crave the Big Reveal...

This is succulent .... This is what I'm craving! And I see myself in a winner's circle of sorts... and I feel great and I look hot and it smells wonderful to be there with the flowers all around, and friends beside me who are also winners, having beaten the "battle of the bulge" once and for all!


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  1. nsbrown76's Avatar
    Those are some very positive cravings girl. I WILL be in that circle with U.
  2. carebear's Avatar
    LOVE THIS!!! I am going to copy it to my blog so I don't ever lose it. AMEN SISTA!
  3. ReeseMac's Avatar
  4. NewMe2011's Avatar
    I emailed this to myself! Great blog...
  5. Feisty's Avatar
    Nice Definitely nice!
  6. shortnsweet's Avatar
    Older post, but I just read it and love it! I think that we can all relate. It says so much more than the old "nothing tastes as good as being slim feels". It hits the nitty, gritty of how we feel when we are thinner and more comfy in our own skin and not so self conscious. I will remember this one!
  7. MeMe's Avatar
    I love your energy!!!!
  8. Lindsay Day's Avatar
    Love your encouraging words!! I feel the exact same!! Im copying this for myself so Ill always have it to look at when Im feeling discouraged! Thanks so much!!
  9. mlove's Avatar
  10. New34's Avatar
    Love this Iam coping it!
  11. We should be proud's Avatar
    Thanks so much for remind me why I am doing this, why I put myself first to be able to be happier with the rest of the world. It's so important to be at peace with yourself.... Let's keep on craving to be happier people!!