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We Can Do It!

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Hey Everyone...

I have a little mental exercise to share that I learned at a motivational/goal-striving workshop:

If I set out a 2X12 plank, 25 feet long, on the floor and asked you to walk from one end to the other, without stepping off, could you do it?
Of course you could. No problem, right?

Now, imagine that the same plank (stiff and straight) is suspended 20 feet over a tank of water with sharks in it. Could you walk the plank from one end to the other without falling off?

My guess is that you either said No! or are at least seriously doubting you're ability.

The truth is, your ability hasn't changed. The only thing that has changed is your level of belief and focus. It is zapped by the fear of falling off and the sharks getting you!

When you are working towards a goal in the face of fear, sometimes it seems impossible. The trick is - don't focus so much on the sharks, but stay focused on the goal - eye's riveted straight forward, focusing on and smiling at that which awaits you at the end of the plank.

What are our sharks? Unexpectedly small changes in weight, yo-yoing, eating the wrong thing, weight gain or stall due to TOM stuff or fiber/bloat issues... these things bring up fear that we might not achieve our goal. We have so much invested in it - time, money, effort... but the big thing is our emotional investment. Sometimes we have a big emotional investment in being fat... frankly, there are subconscious ways in which fat can serve us... padding us from the outside world, from attention that might be uncomfortable due to past trauma or whatever... I think it's good to know your sharks, and keep them in perspective - 'cause they might not be as big and nasty as we think.... AND then, take your eye's off of them and focus on the end result... How it feels, smells, tastes and looks... Clean your closet out... imagine the new outfit or fitting into something you already have and love. Hug yourself, a clearer version of YOU is what's waiting at the end of the plank... embrace that you, and let that future you hug you back.

In Joy!
"One woman can change anything; Many women can change everything!" - ?

Personal Update: I've been out of town at the beach... I can't believe I did it without cheating! It was wonderful. Weighed in this morning at 173 woohoo - broke through the 175 stuck spot! I also switched from subL to subQ this AM... The injection was ok... and I can feel a big difference in the after-effect. I'm starting with a 166iu injection (1/2 inch needle) and it's derived from premixed (liquid) hucog which some of the senior members said was stronger.

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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    Good for you! This diet is amazing! Keep up the great losing!
  2. nsbrown76's Avatar
    I would just slide across, but I would get across. Butt burns. LOL.
  3. angelic1192's Avatar
    Thanks for the motivational blog. Oh so true. This may have been the exact advice that I needed. Everyone should read.