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Been a while

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Well I haven't been on here in a while. I have been super busy with work. New hours mean new things. Its crazy how when you work the same hours you get in that rut and forget some things. So far things have been working out. Just trying to figure out when I will be moving back home. Right now looks like I will be moving home the beginning of November. So hopefully I will be home for Thanksgiving to spend it with the family.

Today I got on the scale and I have lost additional 3 pounds. I am so excited. Actually my reaction was "whoa". I was sleepy so I thought I wasn't reading the numbers correct. On September 6th I will starting round 2. I am excited to start losing more weight. Just trying to figure out what kind of excercise I can do that won't hinder my weight lost. I also have a really bad knee and I need to find something that won't re-injure my knee. Other then that life is going okay. Just the ups and downs of life as normal. Well, I will try to come back and check in. I am off the next three days. I am gonna do some major cleaning at home....hahahaha. Take care everyone

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey, so happy to hear the good news. Glad you were able to make it happen for you and your family! What a great thing to celebrate for Thanksgiving!

    I think I am going to cycle back into a new round on 9/10 or 11. So I will be along with you.

    I have exercised all thru my rounds ...but I always exercised and so it never hampered me. I have a glider that I use without tension. There is no impact at all so it shouldnt bother your knees. But it does move your largest muscle group so it does make things move ---- stimulates the lymph system. If I skip a day, there is definitely a difference in weight loss.

    Have fun cleaning and best of luck in the new round!
  2. livingnewlife's Avatar
    Thanks Julie. Yeah I am starting my new round here in a a couple of days. Just the other day I weighed myself and holy cow I saw numbers that I haven't seen in like years. I was so excited. So I am ready to do the round. Yes it isn't for everyone but I already know that I can do it and I can't wait to see the results. I will be out of the 200's for sure. Let me know how things go. My internet is getting fixed in a couple of days and I should be on here more. Have a good day