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its a blah day

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So I weighed myself today and nothing. I haven't lost anything in the past two days. I have been eating on protocol. No cheating. Drinking all the water I am suppose to have. I know TOM is right around the corner so I keep telling myself that after I start I should have some good results. Just really upsetting losing good all this time and now nothing. I don't know how to fix this stall. Also I had finished my one bottle of that I am on the other bottle I am feeling so hungry again. Same dose. The bottle is from the same place. They came together. I just don't know. Feeling very defeated right now. Today is not a good day. I have to go shopping here in a few, so maybe when I get home I will go for a nice walk and maybe that will help.

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  1. CVCHCG's Avatar
    Don't beat yourself up.

    The apple day worked for me to break a stall. I ate about 8 and drank tea and coffee as normal. Don't overdo the water 8 regular glasses a day is lots, the coffee and tea counts ass well.

    There is always the steak day as well, I had just V-8 Juice for breakfast, no lunch and a huge steak and a salad for supper.

    You can eat celery for snacks as it negative calorie veg, it takes more energy to ptoces than it contains.

    Adrenal support drops help with hunger and energy. You can by the in any drug or health food store, or from hcg sites.

    Cheer UP !!!

  2. livingnewlife's Avatar
    I can have a steak even in P2??? I have like 9 days but i plan on extending it for another 3 days. And had 8???
  3. CVCHCG's Avatar
    To Break a stall you eat apples all day and NO other food. . The other choice is whats called a steak day, skip lunch and eat a big staek for supper. It does work, do you have DR Simeons book ?? If not I can give you the link to it. here it is from my site. Look for the section on "braking a plateau"

  4. livingnewlife's Avatar
    Thanks CVCHCG. I had a steak tonight and I will post if it worked. Tomorrow I am going to an amusement park with my work. Its gonna be fun and a lot of walking. So I am thinking I will lose some. I felt so full eating the steak, thought for a minute I was gonna get sick. I didn't eat that much either. Amazing how my stomach has gotten smaller.