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Lets do this

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Well here I am agian. I haven't been on here cause I got a job in a factory working a lot of hours. Right before Christmas I had worked 21 days in a row. It made me have an awesome Christmas. I am starting round 2 tomorrow. I will be on here a lot as I am gonna need the support. I have tried starting round two like 3 different times. I just cant get my mind wrapped around it. Maybe this time will be different. I have met someone and we went out Saturday and I felt really ashamed cause of the weight. I know I have done good with this diet and I can do it again. Ugh!!!! I hope this finds everyone doing good.

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  1. Calythia's Avatar
    You can do it!!! Round 2 was easier in some ways and harder in some ways for me.. I knew what to buy, how to mix my shots, how to do the injections etc.. like a pro.. but I was still burned out on some of my p2 faves and had the desire to go off plan.. (I was really strict and by the book round 1)... the result was a successful round but not as much of a loss as in round 1.

    I think it is really important to look ahead and not worry about or stress over past mistakes... What is done is done. You cannot change that now. What you have the power to control is what you do right now.

    Good luck!!!