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good news!!!

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I am back at my LIW. Yay!!!! Also I got good news when I went to work. I won't have to close all the time. Which makes me happy. Sorry I haven't been on here much or posting in any of ya'lls blogs. Just been busy with work and trying to figure out what I need to eat. I hope everyone is doing good.

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
  2. MeganP's Avatar
    YAY im glad you made it back and not nights all the time
  3. livingnewlife's Avatar
    Thanks ladies. Yes it's gonna be great not having to close all the time. Hopefully by the end of September I won't have to close at all. I have three managers underneath me so I am praying. I have been reading your postings just haven't had the time to write. But I want to say a big thank you for helping me figure this out. In a couple of weeks I will be doing round 2....I am hoping I do as good as I did on the first one....have a good day everyone
  4. MeganP's Avatar
    ill hope for you that your nights are over by than. good luck and best wishes with round 2