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Lizzy Lou


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i'm on my last few days of the protocol and looks like Christmas will be right in my transition to p3. So there will be no cheating. There has been no cheating this round. I usually go out at least once per round and eat something i know i shouldnt, or even a cookie or small snack.. nope not this time.. I'm a beast and i've almost hit my goal. I stalled for a bit but during that time, I could feel myself getting smaller.. Easier to move.. got compliments that I look smaller! Hmm It usually takes til p3 for ppl to notice! I guess that's just another thing that helped me stay strong. Besides the posting of the fat pic on my fridge blegh.

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  1. frenchdoll's Avatar
    Congratulations on sticking to p2 I haven't cheated either and this week I'm having dreams of ice cream and cake but I'm so close to the end I won't give up. I see people here who cheat every day and then complain they don't lose, it's encouraging to read about someone who has stuck to the protocol