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Fage day

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So the last 2 days I think I wayyyyy over did it on the peanut butter AND sugar free fat free pudding! I felt so sick this morning and I was at my boyfriends house for the weekend and was not able to weigh myself but today just to cleanse myself from the weekend I am doing a fage day! Its so yummy I couldnt find the total fat so I got the 2% and added heavy whipping cream and some liquid stevia and some simply fruit and some fresh strawberries it was DELICIOUS! AND FILLING! I have a good 4 containers left to eat! I have cosmetology school in an hour so I will be taking them there hopefully I wont have to many clients and can have my break with my FAGE! I also have some new recipes I will be sharing with you guys!!! Wish me luck!

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