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My HCG Journey

I am technically in P4. By technically, I mean that I have not added in any P4 foods yet. My HCG journey wasn't so easy. I was helping a very good friend in her campaign for a council position in our community. That meant that we had a "Meet and Greet" at least once a week while I was on P2. Of course these forums provide mounds of "great" foods for our visitors, mostly hero sandwiches and pizza! I even attended the Grand Opening of a chocolate shop. I never strayed from my P2 during all this. My friends knew I carried my P2 foods in my little purple lunchbag and ate them instead of all the other tempting offers. During P3 it got a bit easier but the food choices didn't change. Let's face it when you are feeding a crowd on the cheap, pizza and sub sandwiches are the way to go! At least in P3 I could have the sub sandwich insides. People got used to seeing me wrap the bread in a napkin and eat the cold cuts with a fork. I saw their raised eyebbrows and heard them snicker as they watched me trying not to openly discard their treasured bread. Of course what happened is that the "regulars" began to see my transformation. Soon the snickers changed to whispers of "do you see how much weight she's lost?" and the raised eyebrows were because of my weight loss and not my little purple lunchbag. I did it, I managed to survive this HCG journey during a time most people would cave. I am very proud of myself but am terrifed of failing now that I have succeeded so I have not added in any "carbs". I will make it through this P4, just as I made it through P2 and P3. I just have to do it my way! Keep your raised eyebrows and snickers to yourself.

  1. Round 2 and beyond

    Well, here I am again. I began round 2 just before Thanksgiving. What am I crazy? I started on a whim because I am a big chicken and have never mixed my own drops. I walked in on a friend mixing her drops and had her mix some for me too. So my drops dilema was done but it was a week before Thanksgiving and would take me P2 into Christmas! Am I trying to kill myself? I made it through Thanksgiving without a single cheat, not a bite of stuffing or pumpkin pie passed my lips! To date I have ...