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My HCG Journey

Round 2 and beyond

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Well, here I am again. I began round 2 just before Thanksgiving. What am I crazy? I started on a whim because I am a big chicken and have never mixed my own drops. I walked in on a friend mixing her drops and had her mix some for me too. So my drops dilema was done but it was a week before Thanksgiving and would take me P2 into Christmas! Am I trying to kill myself? I made it through Thanksgiving without a single cheat, not a bite of stuffing or pumpkin pie passed my lips! To date I have never cheated. Just like my round 1 I have had the utmost willpower. I just wish I could continue that in real life, it seems once I end "strict protocol" I lose total control. This is what I am afraid of when I begin P3 on Christmas Eve. Am I going to jump in with both feet and overdo the cheese and pepperoni platter? Will I eat the entire platter of peel and eat shrimp? I am planning on making a sugar free dessert (sugar free chocolate peanut butter fudge) will I eat the whole batch? I don't know how it will end. I shall return for a third and hopefully final round and will keep you all posted.

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  1. kristinhcg's Avatar
    Good luck on P3! I can relate to your fears about the holidays. I have an "all or nothing" attitude I'm trying to get rid of, & I read something that got me thinking. If you have a dozen eggs & 2 fall out, do you through away the rest of the carton? Of course not! So when you have a few indulgent meals that's fine, but just be mindful afterwards. You'll do great! The choco pb fudge sounds good =)