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so i have this theory..

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okay maybe it's not a "theory", but last time i was on the diet i played around with the drops. i ate olive garden's fettucini alfredo and still lost the next morning. i had a starbucks frappuccino and still lost. (all while taking the drops three times a day). my point is, i think the drops just kind of help the fatty foods go through your body without storing it. does that make sense? i am a believer in "everything in moderation" now because of that. i think this experiment really showed me what my body likes and doesnt like. has anybody else experimented on the drops like me?

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i cant remember how to write this correctly lol

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  1. curvygirl63's Avatar
    Not sure.

    When you "eat off protocol" it takes a few days for the stall or gain to show. Great you lost the next day but watch to see whether or not you stall or gain in the few days after eating the futtucini alfredo and drinking starbucks.

    Good luck.