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What Do You Think Of Going A Bit Rouge?

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Hello and happy Monday to everyone! Hope that today has been bright and you have come closer to a more healthier you!

So, I just finished reading "Weight-Loss Apocalypse" and it is the best book I have ever read. I have taken an entirely new approach to this so called "diet." I am looking upon this as hormonal therapy (as it was intended to be) and not a fast fix to weight loss. Even though I want to lose only 25 pounds, I feel that years of eating emotionally and binging constantly has affected my body in more ways than I thought. I realized the impact after reading this book. Robin states that those with less weight to lose, going slightly off protocol will have less of an affect on stabilizing the hypothalamus and other hormones within the body compared to those that have more fat. Now, I am second guessing myself if I should continue having cocoa and debating if I should eat fat free fage yogurt or eggs as a source of protein. I do not want to ruin the whole purpose of this therapy but I am sort of confused as to whether this will really have an impact on me.

Has anyone gone SLIGHTLY off protocol and were able to maintain their weight loss in p3 and on?

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  1. Sam_Goldie's Avatar
    I don't follow the original protocol you can check my blog for my menu. Mine is Dr. Supervised but I take the same hcg. I eat Carb and such. For 800 Cal's.
  2. Loul29's Avatar
    Thanks you guys! I definitely am going to join this group!
  3. emross82's Avatar
    i have as well and was just fine until I went super off the deep end ( super all or nothing girl ) I so agree with you that this is more metal then physical for me. I can always lose. Im not one of those who cant lose off hcg..however i need to mentally change my outlook at food. I have never been more than 25 pounds give or take away from a decent weight..but i struggle to the verge of obession over it. I just want to be normal. but yes, i lost using fat free fage ( almost better than without it) i do jay robb shakes...i stay within the 500 cal but eat food semi off protocal. just not bad stuff
  4. Loul29's Avatar
    I have that same mentality and it has overtaken my life. I just want to think about food as a normal person would. Not 24/7 as I do. I hope we can get though this! One step at a time....
    Glad to hear that you did well going a bit rouge. I find this diet so difficult with such restriction. I miss my fage I still don't know though. A bit apprehensive. I do not want to ruin the whole point of this which is to balance my wacky hormones!
  5. hsm's Avatar
    Lou - so glad you are doing well- and that you have found some inspiration. I can't speak to doing anything off protocol - as I stuck pretty closely to it. I have seen that many others have managed to stray and did well. I am into P4 now - and was able to do P3 with only 2 steak days - one caused by TOM - and the other?? well, still not sure - but it worked!

    Hope you are able to use this new inspiration to keep you on track - and I really think with the real hcg - hunger won't be an issue - and when you take that out of the equation - you may find yourself able to stay on the protocol as written.
  6. Loul29's Avatar
    P4 to me sounds light years away LOL. I am still waiting for my Hucog...blah. I think sticking to protocol for me would be good.

    So happy you are doing well