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Hunger Issues (Day 7)

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Good morning everyone. So today is VLCD day 7 I have done very well so far and no binges! The first five days were easy going. I felt no hunger and was able to fight off the cravings for junk with ease. However, today and yesterday morning I woke up to hunger pangs in my stomach. This should NOT be happening! Prior to today, I was on 150 i.u. but this morning have decided to try 125 i.u. I am not sure if that was the right decision but I am going to give it a try. I hope it works!

It makes me wonder if an individual has less fat to lose that it plays a role in the dosage. The less fat, the lower the dosage? I don't know.

*Crossing my fingers*

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Kellep's Avatar
    I think when you lower your dose I read somewhere that you should skip a day then lower it? Not sure. Also you are getting hungry at the exact time that I was - your normal reserves are gone I bet and maybe you should up your protein a bit. That is what my doctor told me it wasn't enough protein for me. Good luck I hope you feel better because I do know being hungry sucks!!