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Starting Again Tomorrow! :)

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My HCG arrived today! I cannot tell you how happy/relieved I am. All I can say is FINALLY! I am excited to restart this journey and do it right this time. I am a little nervous to say the least. I hope I can make it to my goal this round. I am aiming for at least 30 days.

Well, I mixed the vial of Hucog as soon as I got it in preparation for tomorrow morning. I think from how excited I was, I might have done a few mistakes! GAH! Stupid me! I do not know how much it will affect me though. The first possible mistake was not getting all of the HCG out of its vial. It was so small (teardrop size) but I fear that every bit counts! Second, I had some of the bac water or mixture squirt in my face. It must have been too much pressure in the vial which means air bubbles which means the possibility of having misread the liquid amount within the syringe! Bummer.

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  1. pccharnley's Avatar
    LOL I had my bac water squirt and my hcg tried to as well.. I think I overpressurized at one point, but it has not affected my hcg at all. Good luck on restarting your journey and look forward to reading about it
  2. Loul29's Avatar
    Thank you I'll be updating often..hope you are doing well!
  3. hsm's Avatar
    been wondering how you are doing! Glad your hcg came - and hope you are doing well!!
  4. Loul29's Avatar
    Hey hsm I am doing fine so far. Its only VLCD 3 so it is too early to tell. Once I hit Day 6, that is when it goes downhill. So I cannot wait to pass that point without cheating this time How are you doing????