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It's Time For An Update! (Day 32)

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It's been way too long since I posted on here and I am changing that! It's been a long and bumpy road. I encountered a period where I could not stop eating and I literally was scared of my own self and what I could allow myself to do. I woke up from that nightmare and here I am today and thankfully lost the weight regained. It's been very tiring going back and forth but most of all, emotionally draining. I am very proud of myself for not quitting entirely though. I am still in it to win it and with 122.8 pounds this morning, I am happy Surely, it is not where I had planned to be at this point when I first started but after everything that has happened, I am blessed. Moving on to P3 is only a matter of days. I know my body is tired but if I keep on losing, I'll push through. Once I come across a stall, I think that will be it for me on P2.

I was reading last night about how people really began to notice their weight loss in P3 rather than P2 which amazes me. The whole reshaping thing and still losing inches is something I hope will happen to me. I don't know and sort of doubt that it will since I had cheated so many times. That's okay..I guess I will have to wait and see. I will keep you all posted unlike before!

Hope everyone is doing good and I still am reading all of your posts. You guys keep me going and have truly inspired me.

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  1. hsm's Avatar
    Lou - just checking in - saad to see that you are still struggling. I have been really busy with work - and just have not had time to be here. I am doing well in P4 - have had a few steak days - but most have been TOM related......I am eating at least 2000 calories per day, sometimes more. I am telling you this - because I am worried about you - and I think that you are struggling with more than just weight issues. If you focus - get thru P2 - and follow the plan - you will do well. If you don't - you can't beat yourself up about it - you are a beautiful girl - and if you end up weighing 122lbs - you will be what 90% of women in the country dream of being! You are truly not overweight - I hope you will consider seeking some help with all this - you need to love you....whatever your weight. Take it from me - someone who has struggled with weight all of her life - and I sooo wish I could be thinner - and I love that hcg has helped me get to a better weight - but - if it hadn't - I would just keep trying the good old fashioned way! Get some help girlie.....you truly are a beauty - and you need to see yourself thru the eyes of someone else....