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Update! (Day 5)

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Good afternoon my friends! It has been awhile since I have updated on my HCG journey. Well, as of March 29th, I started the VLCD on injections this time. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I feel no hunger, no fatigue. It is simply amazing. I feel great too! I already notice a difference in my face (my face tends to be the first place where weight loss or weight gain shows). HCG is wonderful!

Because I was eating so poorly before restarting Round 1, I was so scared to check my weight until today. All I know I was around 137 before starting this round. I was going to check it much later. I have found through this process how obsessed I have become with the scale. Unfortunately, I could not wait any longer and wanted to know how I was doing. I could not believe what I saw on the scale! 124.2 lbs?!??! That is 12.8 loss in 5 days?! WHAT? I checked and rechecked and am certain the scale is not broken. Of course, much of it is water loss but WOW. I am so relieved! It must be due to cutting out oranges and apples, eating an extra serving of protein, and cutting down on Truvia. However, I do eat sweet peppers and cauliflower. I see it has not negatively affected me. Now, I do not have to worry about reading the scale and can wait much longer before checking again. I will embrace this and remember how great I am feeling now during the times that I want to give in.

Thank you Lord.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. mcrider1996's Avatar
    GREAT job!
  2. American_ily's Avatar
    OMG! WOW!! Great job!!!! That's soo cool!!!!


  3. Loul29's Avatar
    Thank you
  4. hsm's Avatar
    woohoo!!! sooo excited for you! latch onto this success and keep it close to you when you are tempted to stray! That is sooo awesome Lou - I am soo happy for you ! I knew you could do it - one day at a time girlie and you will be there!!