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Well, [email protected]

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Here I am again. Not quite 1 year after I lost 20 pounds on HCG.....and it all. came. back. OK, not ALL, but roughly 16 pounds of it. So, here are the stats:

SW 193
post-load 196
VLCD 3, 189.6

I did great on P3-P4 for a while; then I went on a 3 week trip to Europe, and everything went downhill from there. I went on the trip with the intention that I was going to eat whatever the heck I wanted while I was there (it's not like I'm going to be back there any time soon, if ever). I thought I would get back on track when I got home, but it just never happened.....until now, 5 months later. Amazing how the pounds creep up on you.

I know it's crazy to be doing this heading into the holidays, but I'm terrified to NOT do it!

Here is my goal: to stick with this for a 23 day round. I have no expectations about how much I will lose; I will be happy to not be gaining anymore! (it was a huge relief to wave bye-bye to 190 this morning!)

So far, so good--I'm not really hungry. I am doing injections, got my HCG from WHM, and was surprised to see that they switched brands. I used to get Corion, this time they sent Zy HCG. i was nervous, but it seems to be working so far (day 5 of injections). Is anyone else using Zy?

So, OK, here I go again. Wish me luck. I know this works, I just need to stick with it and then maintain......

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  1. tomwilla's Avatar
    Good luck , you will do great. I am back too my weigh was sneaky too suddly it was back