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Superstition ain't the way.....

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R1 starting weight 197
2/19/13 R1 LIW 177.6
stabilized (P3-P4) at 177-179

R2 starting weight 179.4

4/20/13 178.6 (-0.8 lb)
4/21/13 175.8 (-2.8 lb)
4/22/13 175.6 (-0.2 lb)
4/23/13 174.4 (-1.2 lb)
4/24.13 173.2 (-1.2 lb)

Total lost to date, R1 + R2: 23.8 lb

Wow, this is crazy. I fully expected slower losses in R2, but I'm right on target with losses in week 1 of R1. I have a mini-goal of getting to a "normal" BMI soon....I don't want to jinx myself by putting a date on it (not that I'm superstitious at all....never mind my weighing rituals [at least 3 times, 2 different scales] and my injection site paranoia [only in the belly, not in the thigh, because there's too much fat there, and surely the HCG will all be lost in the sea of fat]).....I digress.

So my mini-goal is a BMI of 24.9, which for me is a weight of 168.9 (I'm 5'9"). A mere 3.3 pounds from here. Anyone care to wager on when I'll get there? (please don't bet against me---I've done that enough myself in this lifetime!!)

p.s. Size 12 jeans are looking mighty baggy-a$$ed...time to go shopping in the closet soon!

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  1. Love2Ski's Avatar
    Well, that was a little wishful thinking (and not enough coffee) on my part---I have 4.3 pounds to go to normal BMI, not 3.3. Sigh.
  2. maggiep's Avatar
    Whoot Whoot, normal BMI knocking on your door! That sounds awesome!

    I'll bet you'll get there within two weeks! =P