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  1. R2 / P2 Week One -- Triumphs and Worries

    So, Week One of P2 came with several ups and downs. For the first time, in week one, I was not losing consistently. I had a big loss on VLCD1, but then no loss the next day... Finally a loss the next day, but then a gain the next. Week ones usually go much better than that for me, so it was a bit off-putting.

    Pre-load: 180
    VLCD 1: 183.8 (After load)
    VLCD 2: 179.2
    VLCD 3: 179.2
    VLCD 4: 177.4
    VLCD 5: 178.0
    VLCD 6: 177.4
    VLCD 7: 173.4 ...
    Phase 2