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P3 / P4 -- Weight Loss, Sugar, & Liver Cleansing

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So, I extended P3 since I had a couple of steak days during Week 3, and decided to pull back on fats a bit to see if I could stabilize. Surprisingly, instead of stabilizing, I've been steadily losing weight. Especially since I've incorporated digestive enzymes as apart of my daily regimen.

By no means am I trying to lose weight, because doing whatever it takes to keep this weight off for the long haul is most important to me. But it does feel good to see my body losing weight on its own without the help of HCG, which my body has not done in a long time. I also like having a little wiggle room.

Since I'm a few pounds under, I've decided to test out one thing from P4 to see how things go -- sweet potatoes. Yesterday, I ate a large sweet potato and still loss a pound the next day, so I'm trying again today to see how things go. I have no desire to add any other kinds of carbs or sugar.

I even tried some cocoa crack (made with cacao instead) yesterday, and loved it. But since I no longer have any sugar cravings, I'm only going to indulge every once and while and make small batches. I'm super stoked that I made my own sugar-less candy! And I can't wait to introduce this to a couple of my diabetic family members.

I also introduced apple juice to my diet as apart of a liver/gallbladder cleanse. Since I've loss a lot of weight in a short amount of time, AND have introduced a lot of fat into my diet, I'm sure my liver and gallbladder are thanking me. It's only for a week. I just hope the sugar doesn't affect anything.

Overall, I'm in a really good place with things. I remember when I first started how anxious I was to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. I once had thoughts of doing extended rounds (more than 40 injections per round) and shortening P3 & P4, but I'm glad I didn't do either. I'm learning so much about my body through all of these phases that are very beneficial for me ensuring that I keep this weight off for years to come. I'm also amazed at how I've kicked certain habits and no longer have addictions to certain foods that kept me fat and lethargic.

I have 12 more days of P3/P4, and I'm loving every bit of them. Excited about moving into another round, but not so eager to skip important steps, either. Depending on my losses in the next round, I should be able to make it into the 150s, which is amazing! I haven't been that small since I was 19 years old! And let's not even talk about what I could possibly achieve in Round 3!

HCG is really changing my life!

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