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Phase 2

  1. R2 / P2 Week One -- Triumphs and Worries

    So, Week One of P2 came with several ups and downs. For the first time, in week one, I was not losing consistently. I had a big loss on VLCD1, but then no loss the next day... Finally a loss the next day, but then a gain the next. Week ones usually go much better than that for me, so it was a bit off-putting.

    Pre-load: 180
    VLCD 1: 183.8 (After load)
    VLCD 2: 179.2
    VLCD 3: 179.2
    VLCD 4: 177.4
    VLCD 5: 178.0
    VLCD 6: 177.4
    VLCD 7: 173.4 ...
    Phase 2
  2. Beginning of Round 2....

    Round 2 is getting off to a great start!

    P1 -- Loading:
    Like previous rounds, I had to FORCE myself to load, because of my lack of hunger. I'm so glad I didn't go grocery shopping to stock up on things to load on, because most of it would have gone to waste. I just ate a few avocados, a bunch of almonds, some cocoa crack, a Ribeye steak, cheesecake, tiramisu, and some creamy roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

    The Results:

    Pre-load: 180
    VLCD ...
  3. Eating foods based on Blood Type Diet (P2 & Beyond)

    The Blood Type Diet is something i've been researching for a while, after I've seen people fight disease and lose weight and keep it off by just eliminating the foods they shouldn't eat based on their blood type. All different blood types have the ability to process different foods in different ways, and according to research, following the diet for one's blood type helps correct a lot of issues, avoid diseases, and also help with weight loss and keeping it off. It all made sense to me, and since ...
    Phase 2
  4. Enemas for Plateaus, Stalls, & Weight Gain on P2

    I'm starting to notice that anytime I have a plateau, stall, or slight weight gain, if I do an enema, I lose at least 0.6 lb. immediately after. And if I do an enema at night, the next morning I lose at least 1 lb.

    I never recommend using "Fleet" enemas or store-bought enemas. I always use warm, purified water with a splash of apple cider vinegar. I fill the water bag with about a liter of this solution and only insert a very small amount of water -- just enough to get ...
    Phase 2