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Plans for a Successful R2

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Round 2 is only a few days away, and I'm excited about it. I'm comfortable with where I am during this stabilization phase -- 3 lbs. under LIW even after adding sweet potatoes, air-popped popcorn, fruit juice, almonds, dairy, and tons of cocoa crack. Also, my appetite seems to have diminished, which makes me eager to get back to a VLCD.

I'm shocked that I have no desire to gorge on things I might miss during the VLCD, but it's further validation that I've gotten over my addiction to processed foods, sugar, and carbs. I'm more in a planning mode than anything -- preparing for my loading days. Even though I loaded clean the last time, this time, I want to ensure I'm focused on an even higher fatty (but clean) load phase.

Plans for P1:

-- Load on fatty Ribeye steaks, avocado, salmon, almonds, creamy/buttery spinach, and cocoa crack.
-- (No sugar or carbs)

I noticed that I lost much more weight this past round than any other round, and I believe it's because I was studying my food journal regularly, paying attention to what foods caused my weight loss to slow down and what foods seemed to allow me to lose weight at a quicker pace. Fish, cabbage, and grapefruit were my best friends, so that is going to be my primary diet during this VLCD. (I even avoided fish and cabbage during P3 and P4 to give myself a break from it, so I wouldn't get tired of it for the next round.) Hopefully with this plan, I can lose as much weight as I did during the first round -- if not more -- or worse case, at least 20 lbs.

Plans for P2:

-- Fish, cabbage, steamed spinach, and grapefruit.
-- Continue injections during TOM.
-- Skip 1 injection per week.

During P3 and P4, I learned so much about getting my weight to stabilize and finding the perfect balance to avoid doing steak days. I'm hoping I can go the next round steak-day-free, so my plans are:

-- Week One -- High fat & Protein
-- Week Two -- Medium fat & Protein
-- Week Three -- Medium fat & Protein
-- Week Four -- Low fat & Protein

-- Week One -- Introduce Sweet potatoes & fruit juice
-- Week Two -- Introduce almonds and nuts
-- Week Three -- Liver cleanse
-- Week Four -- High fat & Protein, preparing for round 3

November 3rd, start Round 3....

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