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  1. P3 today

    Today started P3 for me & I HAD to go get a tooth pulled today. It had me in agony & I was left with really no other choice. The lady told me to stay on a soft diet but pudding, ice cream, & potatoes isn't protocol... I ate my breakfast before going in to get it pulled. I have yet to eat anything else & it's 6:30 at night. I know that I need to get my calories in. What to do???
  2. Today Is Last Injection Day For Me On My 3rd Round

    I had lost 37.2 my FIRST round. (NEVER cheated this round)
    & I had lost 34.3 my SECOND round. (NEVER cheated this round)
    This morning was last injection day for my THIRD round, & my total lost this round is 31.2lbs That is with the TWO days that I cheated (Thanksgiving & my Anniversary). I still injected on those cheat days though. Despite my cheat days, I am happy with my # lost
    Starting P3 Tuesday
    Round 1 was a breeze...
    Round 2 & 3 were ...
  3. Thanksgiving


    I SOOO Ate On Thanksgiving!
    On THAT day I was r3p2d15
    I NEVER cheated on either other round!
    It was Thanksgiving though, how could I not eat?!!

    So... You're probably wondering what's the damage?...
    I don't know!

    I have REFUSED to weigh myself, because I don't want to know.
    (Yes, I got RIGHT back on the Hcg Diet/Losing Weight Train the very next day)
    & although it's been 4 days now, I still ...
  4. Lower numbers 3rd round

    Was going over some of my blogs from my other 2 rounds & noticed that, by this time I had lost more than I have this round. AFTER 10 days on hcg my 1st round, I had lost 20lbs. AFTER 10 days on HCG my 2nd round, I had lost 17.6lbs. AFTER 10 days on HCG this round, I've lost 15.2lbs. Definitely becomes less the more you lose.....

    On another note. I woke this morning to my HCG pushed to the back of the fridge, & it was frozen. Oh boy.... I was worried. I couldn't just sit it ...
  5. Question about weighing in

    I am not new to this diet but I do not know it all. I have a question.... Why must we weigh ourselves everyday on P2? I can understand weighing in daily on P3 but not P2. Why? If you go over 2lbs or more during P2, there is no correction day. But if you go over 2lbs or more during P3 there is a correction day. I personally see no point in weighing every single during P2. I myself, have decided to start weighing only every 10 days. Today is day 10 for me on HCG of my 3rd round, & today when I ...
  6. Life After HCG

    I just recently came across a story about a lady struggling after completing 2 rounds of HCG. She stated how she started round 1 needed to only lose 15lbs, & how she lost it on HCG, but then gained back 20. Did a 2nd round, lost 20, but then gained back 30. Now she states that she is 35lbs over her weight, & how she is exercising & seeing a nutritionist to help her eat healthy, but she is unable to lose weight.

    She blames HCG for this problem.

    I don't ...
  7. Organic vs not on Hcg Diet....

    I am currently on my 3rd round. I am having a more difficult time finding some organics this round. Other 2 rounds I did organic. Anyone not do organic & lose just as well?
  8. R3 Loading

    This is the end of my 2nd day loading for my 3rd round. I did it BIG too! I did not hold back... I never loaded this good the other 2 rounds. I ate so much I can barely breathe. You know the song where she says "How can I breathe with no air". I was thinking, "How can I eat with no air". I was eating when I was stuffed. I was eating while feeling super sick to my stomach. I clearly committed 1 of the 7 deadly sins. The beginning of my 1st day loading was slow. I just wasn't hungry. ...
  9. R2/P2 Complete!

    It seemed much harder this 2nd time, but... I did it again! & without cheating either time! Proud of myself too! This morning was last injection for this round. Lost a total of 34.3lbs this round. Hoping to only have to do 1 more round, which I plan to do in Oct/Nov sometime. I may end up having to do 2 more rounds though, just depends...
    Note: Be successful when you follow protocol! Good Luck all
  10. 30 days down....

    30 days down & only 10 more to go!!
    R2P2D31: Total of 30.9lbs lost this round, so far

    Good Luck to all on this journey as well!

    For more, comments, questions, & support, visit us on facebook @ https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/group...00000252117565
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