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P3 Week 2 Measurements, Food Log, and Notes

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Week Two of P3 checking in! It has been so simple honestly. I stressed so badly about starting P3, but it has been my favorite phase by far. I could see letting P3 become my P4 quite easily.

I did really crave something sweet a few nights ago and had a totally failed foodie experiment. I whipped some heavy whipping cream up, added some clear and chocolate stevia, added some black and blue berries. It wasn't thick and creamy like ice cream after being blended together. Maybe more whipping cream would be better. Whatever the case, I'll be happy to have xylitol in my life and ice cream eventually. Paleo ice creams for the sugar free but still sweet win? Onto weight and measurements.

Starting P3 Weight: 184.6
D9: 183.7
D10: 184.3
D11: 185.3
D12: 185.2
D13: 183.3
D14: 183.3
D15: 182.1

I'm not concerned about being under 2 pounds of my starting P3 weight. I'm going to just go with the flow since my body seems to be moving back and forth in about a three pound difference. I think that's really close to where it should be and I'm following its' lead. If I drop to what I deem a touchy area (the 170's), I'll reconsider my diet to try and bring my weight back into this sweet spot my body has carved out for stabilization.

Neck: 13" (-0/wk)(-1.25"total)
Arms: 12" (+0.5"/wk)(-0.75"total)
Bust: 39.5" (+0.25"/wk)(-3.50"total)
Waist: 31.5" (-0"/wk)(-3.75"total)
Hips: 44.5" (-1.5"/wk)(-5.5"total)
Thighs: 26" (-1.0/wk)(-2.50"total)
Calves: 14.5" (-0/wk)(-0.50"total)

I was so looking forward to huge measurement shifts, but that hasn't really happened. I was able to put on a smaller size of pants this week and they fit snugly but not quite like a second skin. That was really encouraging! And I'm definitely not going to turn my nose up to a 1 1/2" loss on my hips which are the biggest area on my body by far. I'm so looking forward to reclaiming my hourglass shape! I seriously love looking at my upper torso nude now. It's been a long time since I felt good about my chest and waist naked. I love how proportionate and slender they look. I'm struggling to find tops that snuggle against my new upper half just so.

As someone who has long battled with weight, it's hard to believe that this curvy and somewhat petite body has been hiding underneath and is actually mine. I'm so thankful for the hCG diet. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to look critically at my habits and flaws, and my strengths. I'm so happy for a chance to hit the reset button. Enough sentimentality for now!

On food: I had this grand idea of making weekly menus to help others struggling for a good balance out. But I've already fallen off! I'm still eating incredibly healthful, I've just stopped tracking portion sizes and logging it all. Sorry.

I went to a game on Sunday, so my food schedule then was all wonky. I wasn't hungry pre-game so I didn't eat. Shocking concept? Our family also went out for the day on Monday since it was a holiday for everyone. I ate out! That has become SO rare for me since starting this diet and really has given me a chance to really think about what I'm eating when I'm not eating at home.

I did leave blanks where I don't recall that meal and didn't log it. I promise I'll try to do better next week!

Food of the Week:

B Air Popped Popcorn, Butter
L Quaker Oats (oops), A handful of Blueberries, Organic Whole Milk
D Sloppy Joe P3 Recipe - 3 Servings !!
S 1 Ambrosia Apple

B 2 Lg Scrambled Eggs, 1 tbsp sloppy joe mix, 1 Ambrosia Apple
L KFC - 2 Grilled Thighs, no skin, 1 Grilled Leg with Skin, 1 Sm. Green Beans serving

B 3 Lg Eggs
L Salad (Bacon, Chicken Breast, Parmesan Cheese, Homemade Ranch Dressing)


B 6 Slices Bacon
L Egg Scramble (Sausage, Egg, Mushroom, Onion)
D Stuffed Mushrooms

B Bacon, Cup of Coffee
L 2 String Cheese
D Turkey Sandwiches (American Cheese, Deli Turkey Meats, Lettuce, Tomato), Salad (Parmesan Cheese, Mustard Sauce, Romaine Lettuce)
S Gin, Diet Ginger Ale, Lime Slice

I'll try to do better and record my food for the next week. Overall, I've kind of gone rogue and stopped counting calories. I just make sure that when I eat, I'm aiming for higher proteins, high fats, low carbs, no sugar/starches. I'm really only eating when hungry now instead of forcing foods to try and meet a minimum calorie count. If I drop into the 170's, I'll consider adding food in to bring it back up a little.

What's in store for the future? I've been talking with my cousin (*cough sister/best friend/cousin cough*) and we want to both help my mother with her first round. Things might not work out ultimately, but the three of us are talking of going up to family land and staying in a cabin together through P2-P3. There are a few factors that could interrupt this plan, but I'm so hopeful it will work out in the end. I love my cousin and unfortunately, we've spent nearly as many years separated by states as we did growing up together, born 8 days apart. I'd love to have some in person time with her. And having backup while guiding my mother through her first round would be amazing. Plus she could meet my adorably hilarious puppy and spend time with my youngest son. I feel a strong obligation to help my mother even if the cousin can't sneak away from her life for such a long time, so I think I'll ultimately end up doing it anyways.

I know that it's silly to try and take responsibility for someone else's life and I probably shouldn't, but my mother has been obese for pretty much my entire life and has yo-yo'ed back and forth with the same sixty pounds for as long as I can remember. She really does need help to work on her emotional eating. She really does need support and to be surrounded only by acceptable foods. She's got over 30 years of bad eating habits to break and if placing ourselves into a remote place for months can help her jump-start that, I will do it. It would just be amazing if I had the company of my best friend too! No pressure, wonderful cousin.

As to the rest, I've decided to order another round of pellets and do a 23 day cycle when my P4 period is over. I timed it out and I can squeeze a short round in (even with the 5 week P4 cycle) with just a couple weeks until our 43 day cycle with my mother. If the cousin is able to come, I'll be brave enough to try injections with her there. If not, I'll just go pellets with my mother. Whatever the case, I know that this year holds a short cycle and another long one bare minimum.

If I stabilize at 180ish, which is how it is looking right now, and I can drop 20 pounds on my short cycle, then a minimum of 20 more pounds on that long cycle, I'll be a mere 20 pounds from where weight sites seem to want me. I might be able to finish off with just two short cycles and one long to obtain my lifetime weight goal. This is insanely encouraging and seems within reach this very year. I could seriously cry.

Maybe I'll be happy with being around 140 for life. We'll just have to reevaluate as I'm living through it. That's where I am now. We'll see how I feel six months from now. I hope everyone is having a great 2015! Mine has definitely started off full of hope and the potential to be one of the best years of my adulthood yet.

See you guys in a week!

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Round One


  1. maggiep's Avatar
    when I did my last round I found myself stabalizing about 4-5 pounds under my last injection weight. Given how much I still had to lose, I checked with a friend who worked at an HCG clinic. She said go for it, just not huge or rapid lost, and that your body will stabalize close to the right weight. It will want to sit at a certain weight, and there's pretty much no doing anything about it!
    congrats on such an easy stable P3!!!
  2. Aquatica's Avatar
    Q.Q I'm totally going to try as much as possible to make it out for our 40 day round! Why does the S/O have to train so much when I want to take a vacation? xD Like seriously, what is he thinking?? We'll see how it all works out, and I think it's awesome that you want to help your Mom. I'm in the same boat too! I don't think it's part of you concerning yourself with someone but wanting to help someone succeed like you have when you've found something that actually works!

    I think you're doing great stabilizing, and eating when you're hungry to not hungry sounds like a good plan before you start bumping up. Are you adding any exercising in or are you going to wait until after you get near your goal to start moderate working out (besides walking)?

    I want to get back into strength/weight training but taking long breaks halts progress :/ That first week of squats kicks your butt too!
  3. maggiep's Avatar
    I wanted to send you a heads up, that recipe website that I use is AMAZING, but she is rogue (she uses may on P2!) Be careful what you pick then again, you're in p3.

    Also, she way way way over-spices things sometimes, be sure to use logic. I made her meatloaf recipe, we used x4.5 amounts of meat, but only x3 spices, and it was over spiced.
    Yummy stuff, though!