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P3 Week 3 Check-in

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I had a giant list of things I wanted to discuss about my journey so far. And after a long day of work, which turned into even more work, I totally lost most of it. One would think that I would learn to write things down. Gah. Someday. I'll get there someday.

This week of P3 has been the most relaxed. I'm not tracking things as well as I should be. It could be that I'm back in school and homework is piling up and sucking down time. It could be that I'm just tired of obsessively tracking everything. It could be that I've gone a bit rogue and just want to be there for now. Whatever the case, I try to eat when hunger strikes me and I try to eat modestly. I'm still not stopping 100% when hunger ceases as I probably should, but I'm certainly not eating just to eat anymore and I'm certainly not starting with as much food in my dish as I used to.

Starting P3 Weight: 184.6
D16: 181.5
D17: 181.7
D18: 182.3
D19: 180.0 (cheated - 8ish oz ice cream shake)
D20: 183.4 (cheat: few bites of chow mein)
D21: 184.3 (TOM arrived!)
D22: 184.3
Neck: 13" (-0/wk)(-1.25"total)
Arms: 11.5" (-0.5"/wk)(-1.25"total)
Bust: 39.5" (-0"/wk)(-3.50"total)
Waist: 31.5" (-0"/wk)(-3.75"total)
Hips: 44.5" (-0"/wk)(-5.5"total)
Thighs: 26" (-0/wk)(-2.50"total)
Calves: 14.5" (-0/wk)(-0.50"total)

The first notations: I had two cheats this week. We got out of classes and I thought "to hell with it, I want a burger." So we went to our favorite mom and pop burger place. I got my sauce on the side (skipped it) and ordered a bun-free burger of my favorite. It was most delicious. But they also have extra thick real ice cream shakes with fresh fruit. So I split one with the partner. Strawberry banana. It was heaven. But surprisingly not as good as I remembered. Haha. I'm finding that with cheats all over the place. Never as good as expected.

My second cheat this week came in the form of date night Chinese dinner. I did relatively well in that I ordered Broccoli Beef for myself. Maybe they put cornstarch into the sauce to thicken it? Whatever the case, no breading and no noodles. But then the chow mein. Chinese food is just not Chinese without the chow mein. So we had to get it. And again, this cheat didn't taste as good as it used to to me. I'm certain that that is a good thing but it was still altogether disappointing. I had probably 3-4 bites of it before focusing on the broccoli beef and almond chicken.

And then TOM. I'm sure I had gains from my cheats but I could also be holding onto water for menses. We'll see how things go when it ends. I'm honestly not at all concerned. I'm still under my LDW so I would consider my stabilization to have been a success. If I continue eating relatively healthfully (which is the plan), I suspect I'll have no trouble maintaining my weight.

I also introduced peanut butter back into my diet in the form of peanut butter cookies (made with xylitol, peanut butter, baking soda, and pure vanilla extract). They were sinfully good, although a bit dry. I really want to try them crumbled into paleo ice cream. Mmm.


I've been losing and regaining the same half inch on my arm for a while. Hilarious. Whatever the case, the arm is the only difference in measurements this week. I'm happily able to wear a size down in pants (16). It's snug but it's doable. I find I'm still more comfortable in my starting size (18). I'm hopeful that my next round of hCG will see a few sizes dropped as the fat stores deplete and see bigger losses.

Food for the Week:

I think I might need to give up tracking my meals. I loathe having to log everything. I know that this will not be a sustainable habit for me. I really wanted to offer up meal plans for people but since I've really started eating to hunger instead of to a goal, I feel like I might not be the best inspiration for that. Instead, I'm going to talk about new and loved foods!

Since I've started the hCG diet, I've tried a lot of new foods and even beverages. These are things that I intend to continue purchasing for on/off diet use for the remainder of my life.

Sweetleaf Stevia - My experience with stevia is limited to "In the Raw" which was awful and powdery. Then I found out it had added no-no's for the protocol. The Sweetleaf is great. It doesn't have that bitter aftertaste, it comes in liquid, and so many flavors! I've tried quite a few flavors (7) and really only disliked one with 'meh' about one other. Drugstore.com is running a sale and so I ordered two more sample packs today as well as three 2 oz bottles of more. All in all, I've got 8 new flavors coming and one jumbo bottle of a tried and loved (English Toffee) flavor.

Agave Nectar - I never had this before I started to consider paleo! It is very sweet, so a little goes a long way, but it's wonderful and syrupy. My favorite way to eat this is in place of syrup on pancakes or to dip sausage in it. My partner (who is not dieting) loves this as pancake syrup and also in his coffee as sweetener. We will always have this stuff in our pantry. We bought two bottles for $11 at Costco.

Almond Flour (Pancakes) - Yum! I'm loving almond flour. Don't get me wrong, it has a very different texture and taste to traditional pancakes, but the taste is sweetly subtle and the texture is nice. We've made them twice now and loved them both times. I bought my flour from amazon (brand: Pastry 1), but now that I'm an almond flour convert, I'll be buying Costco's bulk bags to save on money. $15 for 1 pound won't cut it in my family of 4.

Xylitol - I picked up a pound of this from Morning Pep on Amazon. It is real birch xylitol and it is delicious. I've used it in recipes for peanut butter cookies, sloppy joe sauce, and almond flour pancakes and loved them all immensely. My partner and I have also sprinkled some on our tongue. It has a sweet flavor but it's not overpowering. It's a wonderful sugar substitute in recipes so far! I want to order it in larger quantities and stock it in my pantry indefinitely.

Vodka with Diet Ginger Ale - I'd never had ginger ale before the diet. Knowing I'd want the occasional drink, I needed some P3 friendly mixed drinks. I went for the diet ginger ale since my only real concern would be the sodium. Vodka and Gin are both very P3 friendly alcohols if you're mindful of calories. The sour of the gin isn't delightful for my sweet craving buds, but the vodka with the diet ginger ale was so good that it will become my go to drink and replace the days of heavily sugared drinking for me (coke + rum, energy drinks + jaeger, pineapple juice with spiced rum).

Meatball Soup - While on P2, I made a basic meatball soup (rolling 100g lean ground beef into tiny meatballs, bringing them to boil in low sodium beef broth, adding in onion/cabbage/seasonings and simmering until cabbage cooked soft). Om nom nom. I'll eat this off protocol too.

Homemade Sloppy Joe sauce - I really just need to find a good bread substitute now that I'm entering P4 and give this one a do over. It was delish. I've never had homemade sauce. We always grew up on Manwich. I'll never go back.

Scrambled Eggs with Whipping Cream - I never added whipping cream to eggs. It makes them so much fluffier and tastier that I've not cooked without it for scrambling since. I do still rather enjoy the over easy egg.

Other things I'm loving in the food world: smoked salmon with creamy eggs, bacon - bacon - bacon (Kirkland brand is so thick and fatty), P3 clam chowder (recipe by Linda Prinster).

Supplements: The other new addition this week was adding MSM into my diet. A quick forum search on hcg diet info forums provides a lot of information into the possible benefits. As I've been losing weight, I'm noticing some belly sag. I want to help my skin firm up and with some extensive research into MSM, I decided to give it a whirl. I looked to bulksupplements for pure MSM in powder form and 2kg of it! I've been taking a full teaspoon a day (in the morning) with no ill effect. I'm hoping to add a second dose to reap faster benefits in the next week once my body has for sure adapted to it.

Additionally, I've read that MSM is better absorbed with vitamin C. Since the powder by itself can be kind of bitter, I picked up Emergen-C packets to kill two birds with one stone. Only problem? I'm finding I'm not very fond of fizzing drinks. Eek. I'll be toying around to find a perfect mix for me. We'll see how things turn out. All the same, I'm putting things into my body that will help it in multiple ways.

The plan now? I plan to continue into P4 eating mostly P3. I have made purchases that will shape me into my lifetime diet. I want to move into a more paleo lifestyle, minus the brand loyalty. I want to focus on removing wheat 99.9% from my diet. I want to move away from processed foods and towards farmer's markets or my backyard garden. I want to make my own treats at home instead of buying them pre-made or made with ingredients that are addictive to my body. I want to build up a pantry with staples that can carry me healthfully.

When my 3 weeks of P4 come to an end, I intend to do a 23 day round in anticipation of my May 43 day round with my mother (and hopefully cousin). I plan to tack on the recommended 2 extra weeks of maintenance each round, to give my body time to catch up and a longer mental break from the diet's strict protocol. I'm planning to continue checking in weekly and journal as I feel a need to. And I hope to keep up with the small blogging community here.

I hope everyone is meeting their goals and overcoming their challenges! I'll see you next week.

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  1. Aquatica's Avatar
    Thank you for the update, I'm really loving how you're growing health-wise. I can't wait to try a lot of the items you suggested and build up my pantry too! Looking forward to April and hopefully May as well! Eating when you're hungry sounds like a good practical way to look at food. You should eat when you're hungry, not because you have to. I'm also liking the lack of wheat/carbs in my diet. I've tried a few things and they're just not the great anymore. Yay for taste buds changing!
  2. LovesMeSausagePibble's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquatica
    Thank you for the update, I'm really loving how you're growing health-wise. I can't wait to try a lot of the items you suggested and build up my pantry too! Looking forward to April and hopefully May as well! Eating when you're hungry sounds like a good practical way to look at food. You should eat when you're hungry, not because you have to. I'm also liking the lack of wheat/carbs in my diet. I've tried a few things and they're just not the great anymore. Yay for taste buds changing!
    I'm really happy to impart my food likes. Especially those of the healthier variety. I think the best recipe discovery for practical living was a pizza crust made of cheese. Who would have thought that that could be something? And seriously - I love me some cheese. I thought that the cream of the crop was cheese stuffed crust - who would have thought it could be better? Haha!

    Of course this all hinges on someone not having hefty dairy sensitivities. I still need to try the cauliflower base for future P2 rounds! 2.5 weeks until round 2 for me. Eek.