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R2, P2 Week 2 Check-In

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Well, I did it. I started a short round of hCG right smack in the middle of a school semester. It's been largely uneventful. I was slightly hopeful I could beat the average for a 23 day round and net around 20 pounds down. So far, I'm slated to get closer to 15 pounds (including loading weight). I'm happy to lower my base line, even if it's not likely to be quite as low as I wanted. Logical me recognizes that I'm removing abnormal fats and resetting my base line. Which is something to be grateful for. I still stand to be at my goal weight and living much healthier by year's end. And that's incredible and worth celebrating!

I'm using pellets again. There was a sale on them so I grabbed a few bottles since it's tried and tested true for me (and my cousin).

Weigh In

Round 2 Starting Weight: 186.1 (after loading)

D1: 186.1
D2: 184.6
D3: 181.6
D4: 181.2
D5: 181.8 (Stool?)
D6: 180.5
D7: 178.4
D8: 179.4
D9: 179.0
D10: 176.4 (TOM D1)
D11: 175.6
D12: Didn't record but had stalled.
D13: Didn't record but had jumped up to 178. TOM, No stool in four days.
D14: 174.5

Current Round 2 Losses: 11.6 pounds

My starting weight on my hCG journey was 208.1. I've currently lost 33.6 pounds in my time on hCG.


Week One Measurements

Neck: 13 (0/week)
Arm: 11.5 (0/week)
Bust: 38.25 (-1.25/week)
Waist: 31.5 (0/week)
Hip: 44.5 (0/week)
Thigh: 26 (0/week)
Calf: 14.5 (0/week)

Butt: 28.5 (-4.5/week)
Stomach: 19 (-1.0/week)

Week's Losses: 6.75"
Round's Losses: 6.75"

Week Two Measurements

Neck: 13 (0/week)
Arm: 11.5 (0/week)
Bust: 38 (-0.25/week)
Waist: 30.5 (-1/week)
Hip: 43.5 (-1/week)
Thigh: 25.75 (-0.25/week)
Calf: 14.5 (0/week)

Butt: 26 (-2.5/week)
Stomach: 20 (+1/week)

Week's Losses: 4.0"
Round's Losses: 10.75"


I've started using Coconut Oil for cooking (cold pressed, unrefined, organic) as it's processed in the body like MCT oil (which is approved by Dr. Simeons). I don't use more than 2 tablespoons in a day. I have found much success in using tilapia as my constant proteins.

My favorite way to cook my meals is:

1tbsp of coconut oil (I use Kirkland brand from Costco), warm/melt in nonstick pan. Throw 100g of tilapia into it. Season with garlic powder, black pepper, and himalyan pink salt. Let fry for around 3 minutes one side, flip. Should have nice crust (not burnt) forming. When cooked through, remove, set aside. Throw down 1 tbsp chopped red onion and two handfuls spinach into same pan. Saute quickly until spinach tender. Remove. Fish is still steaming hot! Eat immediately.

It is SO delicious. I don't mind eating it day after day and my losses are nice.

I've also found great pleasure in throwing 8-10 organic frozen strawberries in my food processor with a scoche of water, some chocolate raspberry sweetleaf stevia, and blend into creamy with chunks. It's like sorbet, makes so much, and is delicious!

Frozen orange segments with some water, 1 tbsp milk (skim is recommended by Dr. S), and some Orange Sweetleaf Stevia, blended is another new favorite. I've heard of using the frozen orange with 1/2 c of low fat cottage cheese (I like Daisy brand) to replace 1 protein makes something similar to Orange Julius although I've never tried it.

What's different this round?

I've been taking pure MSM powder during my round. I'm not able to really say how much has changed from last time. I don't feel as saggy in my belly. I try to take it right away in the morning and eat either an apple or an orange right after for the Vit C (better absorption).

I've also started measuring my butt and my stomach this time. I kind of want to measure my stomach in three points but will probably consider adding that next time (above belly button, widest point, and lowest point). I'm glad that I've added in measuring my butt as I've seen the most significant losses there (the most noticeable loss area last round as well!).

Future Plans

I still plan to start my third round (second long round) in late May. I'll be taking my toddler and pup up to our family cabin for P2 and the first week of P3 with my mother to help her through her first round. Having an area that is kind of far from easy cheats (closest town is 25 minutes away) will be very nice, I think. Especially for my mother who has been obese for 25+ years. It will provide her with a good detox situation, I think. We're planning to use the pellets for that round and I'm hopeful that I can break into the 140's there! My only struggle is my favorite ice cream has only been found in that town and I can only get it once a year when we visit in the summer. I think a town run during loading days will be necessary to get my ice cream fix. And of course, I'll have to make sure that ice cream is gone before P2.

I feel so much more confident with hCG now that I'm going through this a second time. There was so much information overload the first time through but I'm so much more confident this time around.

That's all I can think of right now. I'll be checking in next week for my final measurements/losses of P2! I took some before photos this time so hopefully I'll be brave enough to do a compare/contrast when done with P2. See you next week.

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Round Two


  1. happydj's Avatar
    Wow, you are a lady with a great plan and even better recipes! Thank you for sharing, I will definitely try them.
    Your progress sounds in line with most - great job!
    Funny about the ice cream, there were a few items in my fridge/freezer for me to get rid of while I loaded to ensure they wouldn't be around when I started P2.
    Best wishes reaching your goal and I hope HCG works for your Mom too.
  2. LovesMeSausagePibble's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm very hopeful my mother will have great success with hCG. She has struggled back and forth with dieting for nearly 30 years. She'll do really well for the first 60 pounds and then fall off the wagon, treating herself for being good and just never go back on. We've had a few talks about how hCG won't be very forgiving of cheats. You can lose days of progress for them. So I'm hopeful if she can have a very successful first round, she'll be more apt to be successful and motivated to follow through with subsequent rounds. Here's to hoping!

    My only suggestion regarding the fish is to limit the coconut oil to unrefined, cold pressed and no more than 2 tablespoons a day if you decide to add it in. And as with everything, make sure to check for a negative reaction to make sure your body is processing it properly (like MCT oil).

    I tried cooking my fish meal at my mom's with her cast-iron skillet and it came out miserably (I think it soaked up my oil unlike my non stick), so a non stick skillet has proven essential for that meal (to me). Please report back if you decide to give it a whirl!

    I think having the guilty pleasures during loading is essential! I try to approach the first loading day with the worst of them and the next with a little bit healthier things, but hey - we're going out for a while, might as well enjoy it.
  3. happydj's Avatar
    Yes, your Mom has to want it. When folks ask me about hcg, my comment is that it's not easy, but it is the easiest way I've found to lose weight.

    When I'm in P4 and making unhealthy choices, somewhere in my brain I am thinking "I deserve this" - currently trying to retrain my thoughts to "I deserve to be healthy" and forgoing the sweets and carbs.

    We've all tried to buck protocol at one point or another with a cheat, and you're right, the spanking is 2-3 days of progress, so after learning that, most of us stick with the program. After all, we've only got 23 (or 40) days in a round, might as well lose as much as possible, because it will be awhile before we can do another.

    Thank you for the suggestion on the tilapia - I've baked it in the past and it came out wierd, so I look forward to trying it with the ucp coconut oil (I have it in the pantry).