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Vlcd 16: 189

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Feels very good to be in the 180s.

Intense emotional conversations with my boyfriend yesterday. My body is feeling it, today.

But at the same time, the HCG is causing me to be less afraid of uncomfortable emotions! I'm in touch with my true feelings, not stuffing them.

This is great!

We both like each other, have the same values -- but are both somewhat cautious, and of course there are the usual man/woman misunderstandings and difficulties.

I feel progress was made. We haven't seen each other for a while, though keep in touch every two or three days. I was wondering if there was even a relationship. But I know neither he nor I have slept with anyone else in the year and a half we've been together. He's coming off a 20-year marriage that ended three years ago.

Anyway, allow me to share my fantasies -- of P3 eating, lol.

Cauliflower and cheese
Cottage cheese
Eggs, with homemade marinara sauce
tuna with soy-free mayo
Avocado mashed with olive oil and onion, dash of hot sauce
Mixed veg with sour cream topping
Raw veggies with cream cheese dip
Big salad sprinkled with raw nuts and any dressing I want
Fage yoghurt blended with fruit and ice for a smoothie
Gazpacho homemade.
Roasted root vegetables drizzled with olive oil and sea salt
Crab cakes fried in butter
Eating out at Chipotle
Skim milk to drink
Big burger smothered in cheddar cheese, fried onions
Almond butter with Fage Yoghurt and Strawberries and Walnuts
Fried veggies smothered in cheese

Wow. Can't wait

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  1. LV2SKI's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders when it comes to your bf..no more stuffing those feelings! That's a very big revolation ... I too, need to stop that cycle, and hcg has certainly done that. I can recognize the triggers now... That's when head hunger happens and I clearly see I would eAt something or pour myself a cocktail in the evening...

    And dreams of p3 foods... It all sounds good
    Come on over anytime to be the chef...lol
    Boy I can't think of the last times I had really good crab cakes!
  2. River57's Avatar

    That was my experience too. I couldn't eat to fix my feelings so ended up having to face them and ride them out. Not only that but it helped to reset my whole eating focus. I eat much more healthfully than I was before and I am eating.....oddly enough......more food than I was before. But it's all good healthy whole foods and very little processed. I'm sure you'll find it much the same. So great to feel emotionally stronger and eating better!