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Lucky Lady HCG

  1. Calorie Cycling and Rogue-Style Maintenance

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    Some of us in the rogue saloon have been discussing calorie cycling while on hcg, as opposed to steady VLCDs. We wanted to have a new thread for calorie cycling, calorie switching, or calorie confusion, so here it is!

    We've also been talking about rogue maintenance, such as using lower dosages of hhcg in R3, which many people have tried and found very helpful, for appetite control, body reshaping, and even continuing to lose 1-2 lbs a week during P3s. Another point for rogue maintenance
  2. Eating beans on P2

    Has anyone added a small amount of pinto or black beans on P2 (like a 1/4 cup) fat free of course - not vegetarian. Just miss them and wondered what affect it would have. I have done some other slight modifications, just wondered if anyone else had too.