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Calorie Cycling and Rogue-Style Maintenance

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Some of us in the rogue saloon have been discussing calorie cycling while on hcg, as opposed to steady VLCDs. We wanted to have a new thread for calorie cycling, calorie switching, or calorie confusion, so here it is!

We've also been talking about rogue maintenance, such as using lower dosages of hhcg in R3, which many people have tried and found very helpful, for appetite control, body reshaping, and even continuing to lose 1-2 lbs a week during P3s. Another point for rogue maintenance is that many have found that starches and sugars do not need to be avoided, and it is helpful to do calorie cycling during maintenance also.

Here's the calorie cycling plan, originated in 2008 by a woman named Dakota, who also started a Yahoo group called hcgAmerica. Many people had great results using this non-protocol plan:

We thought we'd need some new abbreviations for the calorie cycling plan, normally people write, R1VLCD1 200.5 VLCD2 198.5 etc. It just doesn't work for calorie cycling because all of our days are not VLCDs. Instead, we can use, L for a low day, M for a medium day, and H for a high day. Here's how mine looks:

CC1 L 159.5
CC2 L 156.5
CC3 H 154.5
CC4 L 154.5
CC5 L 153.5

CC stands for calorie cycling, and the number is the number of days we have been on the hcg.

Good luck if you choose to try this, we've been thinking about how it works in the rogue thread, and we're thinking we prevent ourselves from going into starvation mode by having a long period of time on a low number of calories. Switching it up allows us to stimulate our metabolism, and lose while eating more, and more healthily.

I think I will give it a shot. I have been on P2 for just over 60 days and want to continue using the HCG as it still works. This sounds like the solution

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