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Lucky Lady HCG

Hot flashes, menopause....HCG miracle cure!

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I am also finding it helping with my hot flashes and sleep. I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago and was on Etrace 2mg, cut it back to 1mg and feel like I don't even need that much. Just wondered if it was the HCG or just losing the weight. Any others?
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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    All I know is I was on bioidentical replacement hormones, and decided I was going to go off while doing the hcg protocol. So I did, cold turkey. While I did experience some hot flashes, they were bearable, so I haven't yet got back on them. And don't plan to. I started hcg for the first time in September. so it has been almost 4 months now. Good Luck.
  2. Abinco's Avatar
    If either of you are interested in an alternative hormone replacement etc, look into Phyto B. Its all natural and works great according to my sister. I use another type which gets your body to balance itself and makes your body produce what it needs. I have my whole family on them and for now at my age 45 1/2, they work well. If not, I will switch to the Phyto B. I take Hormone I think its called by www.novusoptimum.com I buy it from www.pennherb.com They have other great products as well. I know it works for my teenagers too! LOL What a relief!

    LuckyLady, good for you that it is helping! I would figure it makes our hormones worse not better. I know the first round I did not take the pills and was moody but took it the second round and never had a fight with my husband and that is saying alot!!