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Lucky Lady HCG

Staying on P2 longer......anyone else?

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I am coming to the end of my first round. I stayed on it a little longer than prescribed and had some good success. I am down 19 pounds! I feel like it is still working for me and want to stay on P2. I don't want to take a break and wonder if that is ok for the body. I read on the Omaha Low Cal Diet (a variation from the protocol) that there is no immunity. I am starting to believe it. Is there anyone else out there who can share their experience with this?

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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    I did 40 days and heard of others doing longer with success. If you are doing well and willing, go for it!
  2. Double Trouble's Avatar
    My doctor said with the sublingual Rx HCG you can stay longer...but he eats 600 calories.

    He and his staff went on the diet themselves... This is his personal experience.
  3. Elliebabe's Avatar
    I've always gone longer, but I don't think you should go on too long.
    Maybe 8 weeks?
    I have never hit immunity. I've been on and off since May, 1 1/2 years ago.