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  1. Valued information from Leez about p4 plans with review

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    Yes, I am disciplined. What motivates me to be that way is terror of becoming fat ever again. Its just too important to not take seriously. It actually takes more focus than it does time. I don't bother with a lot of recipes, I mostly just assemble ingredients. And THE PLAN recipes are all fast. The hardest part about it is having everything you need on the right days.

    For those looking for a P4 plan, here are my thoughts on 3 good choices that keep you eating lots of real,
  2. Mission impossible..... Conquered....

    Last night was fun but have to say the most difficult social outing for me so far in p2 .... I kept thinking of all the advise I have read in here about how to navigate them and stick to it, doing it for me, not caving because others want you to "have a good time" it was really interestingly annoying how the couple we were out with, well the wife constantly was insisting for me to drink and eat and eat and drink...repeat... Even when I told her no thank you on the foods, ended up they ...

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  3. First day of p3

    First day for p3 and did want to post my final inches and pounds lost for p2 very first round for me...

    Pounds lost 30
    And inches lost 37
    Calf -1 inch off each
    Lower l thigh -2
    Lower r thigh -2
    Upper l thigh -3
    Upper r thigh -3.5
    Hip -6.
    Stomach -10
    Breast - 3
    Left arm -2
    Right arm-1

    Weigh i today puts me down another pound making it 2.2 below LDW ... So im ...
  4. Last dose today

    Today marks my last dose on my first round of hcg.... Overall I'm thrilled with my results from a long round on rx pellets.... Total lost is 30 pounds. I will take my measurements too on last day of p2 on Friday and see how that ends up.

    Not going to lie, I'm nervous and excited for p3 . I keep reading so many posts, I think the more I read the more confused I'm getting. I wish it was just set in black and white like p2 was, I was able to stay pop through it all... All summer long! ...
  5. Question of the day… Things that make you go hmmmm

    So I've done the whole lotion, shampoo,conditioner,and deodorant.. all those things that were suggested to be done to stay on pop, not to use any thing with oil. But I haven't worn gloves while removing fat from chicken. Do you think it makes a difference and should I be wearing gloves while doing that? Over the last two days I have been cutting chicken and removing all of the fat without gloves on and in those past two days I have only had a .2 loss each day. And last night I got some extra virgin ...

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  6. reflections...👌

    Reflections on goals....
    • Feel better about myself( that was hard to type out)��
    • get back to being comfortable in my clothes and my body
    • not avoid get togethers due to my feelings over my weight
    • Healthy and fit inside and out

    being healthy and fit is huge to me as I love being active, but I'm sooo tired carrying this extra weight around, I love to hike, but I know I would be huffing and puffing and struggling right now. There are so many physical things I love to do, it's

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  7. Hmmmmm... To blog or not to blog.. That is the question

    To blog or not to blog, that is the question... I have never blogged before and I find it an interesting option to keep me focused on the goal. So what is the goal? Lose weight? Well yes, but it's really so much more than that,the list could go on and on . More thought to come later, but now the beach is calling my name.. Fat or not I still love the beach.☀️

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