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First day of p3

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First day for p3 and did want to post my final inches and pounds lost for p2 very first round for me...

Pounds lost 30
And inches lost 37
Calf -1 inch off each
Lower l thigh -2
Lower r thigh -2
Upper l thigh -3
Upper r thigh -3.5
Hip -6.
Stomach -10
Breast - 3
Left arm -2
Right arm-1

Weigh i today puts me down another pound making it 2.2 below LDW ... So im pretty happy to have that 2.2 extra cushion going into p3...
Going to start off with sauted onion garlic tomato pepper egg omelet using a little coconut oil.. Sounds pretty good to me and my usual Yerba mate tea, then a green tea...

Soooooo here we goooo p3

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  1. kapluzie123's Avatar
    Fantastic results-- GREAT job!
  2. LV2SKI's Avatar
    I appreciate the comment... I worked hard for this staying pop..
  3. mscheff11's Avatar
    inspired...just started HCG diet about 2 weeks ago. only lost 6 lbs so far...