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Last dose today

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Today marks my last dose on my first round of hcg.... Overall I'm thrilled with my results from a long round on rx pellets.... Total lost is 30 pounds. I will take my measurements too on last day of p2 on Friday and see how that ends up.

Not going to lie, I'm nervous and excited for p3 . I keep reading so many posts, I think the more I read the more confused I'm getting. I wish it was just set in black and white like p2 was, I was able to stay pop through it all... All summer long! I'm kinda amazed when I do think about everything that I encountered and stuck to it. Bottom line with that is, I am totally focased on the goal and need to keep my head in the game for p3 .. Wait out the 6 weeks and get right back to it. I let my weight get completely out of control and just wanted to hide, I don't want to avoid the get togethers anymore !!

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