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Mission impossible..... Conquered....

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Last night was fun but have to say the most difficult social outing for me so far in p2 .... I kept thinking of all the advise I have read in here about how to navigate them and stick to it, doing it for me, not caving because others want you to "have a good time" it was really interestingly annoying how the couple we were out with, well the wife constantly was insisting for me to drink and eat and eat and drink...repeat... Even when I told her no thank you on the foods, ended up they had not eaten dinner.. So miscommunication wih the guys over the night out... They ate and hubby ate again,lol, something light though, and I did have the reasoning hat I had already eaten but then they wanted to order these snacks different types of popcorn, a sweet Carmel and a spicy one... She was like if we get these will you have some with us...ahhhh no, no thank you with a huge smile... Repeat,repeat,repeat ... I don't need food to have a social good time out... Her hubby is very lean and fit and she is of average size so I really did not feel the need to explain myself whatsoever... And the drinking part...omg... First stop local brew house in town, great place, we got there first so hubby got a bear and I took a seltzer water with a lime in it, he served it in a short glass you would serve hard booze in, it looked like a drink... wife didn't say anything then cuz she thought I had a drink...lol.. But then while talking about the next brew stop, she asked if I drank beer because this is a new place that doesn't do booze yet, just the beers... And I said yes, but I won't have a drink there, so she was like, let's go somewhere else so you can drink more, and I was like, oh no, if I want a beer I'll order one lets go there... Once here she was more persistent about it, I just broken recorded that I didn't want on and I was fine... Hubby thought she was just wanting to make sure we were having a good time, so here we go back to that thinking of what is having a good time? Food and drink....

This place is were food was ordered and the popcorn... Then after that we decided to go to a third place, she made it a point of course they had a full bar for me to order my vodkas.... So here we go off to the third and last stop of the evening, the place is packed , standing only shoulder to shoulder for a while, so we to bar ordered hubby his beer and got my seltzer water and lime in a "tall glass" this time...perfect, didn't have to deal with sitting at a table with a waitress taking drink orders...lol... Drank that and had another later on... Seemed to work out once again because it looked like a vodka tonic... Deceiving yes, but it worked for me given the situation... After the first tall we got a hightop table and again, she's wanting me to have another...lol...ok.... She went to bathroom guys a yacking away, nows my time to go and get another"drink" ... At the beginning of the night it felt like mission impossible to get through it, but wooohooooo, mission complete with staying pop.... I'm not caving in for someone else.... And I know I could have just said no I'm not drinking, but after I mentioned about only having one, she was like noooooo, we are out to have a good time...you have to keep drinking with me......it actually became like my own personal challenge to deceive and conquer....almost felt like my own personal challenge to deceive and conquer....almost felt mischievous ...which can be fun at times

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